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Adventures in My Area #AtoZChallenge

Hello April! I can almost feel the gentle motion of the pool on a hot summer’s day. Can you? I’ll give you a minute…

Now? No? Well give it time. We are in the home stretch!

Besides, spring and Easter, April brings the #AtoZChallenge.

I've done this before, way back in 2012 and made it to the letter M. Oddly enough, the one post that I have gotten the most views in the life of this blog came from this challenge. I still have no idea why and if you have insight I would love to hear it!

Anyway, I have decided to take this challenge on again and to write about something I love – Northeast Ohio.

I love my Ohio. I love my city and I love Cleveland. There, I said it. I love this area and despite this wretched winter there is no where I would want to live. It’s not the city’s fault Mother Nature is frigid.

Inspired by Positively Cleveland’s rebranding to This is Cleveland, I decided to see if I could share my area from A to Z.

I am not a travel blogger.  I am a mom who likes to blog and loves her city and for the next month I am going to attempt to make it past the letter M and share the area I call home.  There are other brilliant blogs that do this better and for a longer time.  For me, this is a labor of love.  

I grew up in the city I live in now and I can see the Cleveland skyline from my roof! I have always worked in Cleveland starting at Pat Catan's (walking distance from my home) to a photo lab on Euclid Avenue next to the Old Arcade.  I spent all of my twenties bartending, waiting tables downtown and managing a nightclub in the Flats. In fact, I still work downtown as an office manager and I have a breathtaking view of Lake Erie.

I have lived on the east side, the west side and a suburb. If you had asked me growing up where I wanted to live I guarantee you I would have said anywhere but here and it is exactly where I want to be now.

I am constantly on the lookout for amusing and appealing activities to get into and of course bring my kids along with me.  My area has an abundance of things to alleviate aridity. As I started posting our amblings to share with family, our friends would ask how I acquire these adventures. This eventually led to sharing what we find monthly and now weekly.

Since the whole month is about my area, I will save the details for my posts this month and share just my tweet that started this idea.

If you have an idea for a post (the letter J on) or have an event to share feel free to comment. I also have an event form to have it added to the calendar here.

The #AtoZNortheastOhio List 

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Week 2

Week 3

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