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Hershey Children's Garden Comes out of Hibernation for Big Spring!

We received tickets to Big Spring courtesy of the Cleveland Botanical Gardens.  

Hark I hear spring!  As in Big Spring at the Cleveland Botanical Gardens and the opening of the Hershey Children's Garden! (plus they are giving away tickets!)

I was so happy to pay homage at this year's Big Spring exhibit at the Cleveland Botanical Gardens.  It felt so good to shake the gloom of winter off.  Or maybe it was heaved off? The best part was that it was warm enough and dry enough to hunt through the Hershey Children's Garden!

This is the second year we have gone and I am still held captive by all of the wonderful sights and smells! The minute you arrive you are greeted with the marvelous smells of flowers.  Its like they are all saying hello to your nose! It's heaven.

This year I brought along my handsome Husband, who happens to be a very talented photographer.  To say we have a handful of photographs is like saying that there are just a few flowers at the botanical gardens.  He took 198.  Hang on!  I won't share all of them but I will be sharing a lot of them!  And, at the end you can enter to win four tickets to see Big Spring for yourself via rafflecopter.

Hark! The Hershey Children's Garden Comes out of Hibernation for Big Spring
Cleveland is really a small town, I was not surprised to see an old friend that I know only through Facebook these days. She looks so happy in her final trimester!

The lobby of the Botanical Gardens pays homage to the flowers you would expect to see in spring.  This being Cleveland, we know that green grass and beautiful blooms are on the horizon but until they unfold we seek out this floral haven.

When we arrived I took a vote to see who wanted to go where first.  You can see hands held high for going to hunt through the spiny desert of Madagascar and the butterfly-filled rainforest of Costa Rica.

The garden offers laminated guides to help find hidden treasures and identify butterflies, birds, and bugs. While we were there we also got to meet a chameleon and see the butterflies released.

Before we even left the glasshouse, the kids were getting wrestles!  Two were too hot and one wanted to go play in the maze, while another was going where ever I wanted to go.  Now, I am usually on my own with three of the four kids pictured (my two, plus a friend) but today I had help! We divided, conquered, and every one got to see what they wanted to see.

Big Spring is more then just big flowers:

  • Dress up like insects at the Toadstool Theater
  • Make a toast at the Mad Hatter's Tea Party
  • Explore the Ladybug Labyrinth
  • Come "eye to eyes" with critters in the Discovery Log
  • Dash off to the races with mealworms and Puddle Bug Boats
  • Join in the daily honeybee parade with Polly at 12:30 (additional parade at 5:30 on Wednesdays)
  • Enjoy the endless delights of Hershey Children's Garden

As you can plainly see, baby girl enjoyed her time on the Toadstool Stage!
Mealworm race anyone...?

Finally!  Time to pay homage to the Hershey Garden!

Now it is your turn!

Enter to win four tickets to use at the Cleveland Botanical Gardens Big Spring on the day of your choice!
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