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Early Eats East to West in Cleveland #AtoZChallenge

When search for early edible eateries in Northeast Ohio do you go east or west?

Evidently I am a west-side gal when it comes to breakfast but I will easily go east to eat, especially for eggs. I am not a fan of making breakfast at home, I do of course but would much rather eat out.

Early Eats East to West

The Inn on Coventry

The pancakes are huge and the bacon always perfect!

Michael's Diner on Shaker Square

We don't go here for the food, but it is pretty good. We go because we take the train. Park and take the rapid to Tower City, transfer to an eastbound train and we don't just have a place to eat but an adventure.

The Place to Be

I have been going here since my I was a teenager and my mom would take me for breakfast after mass. They only take cash, the servers have been there forever, and the kid pancakes are shaped like Mickey Mouse.

The Place to Be is excellent and economical.

The Doughnut Pantry

One kid loves bacon and the other avoids all breakfast foods except doughnuts. The best doughnuts I've ever had are these and I am not a big fan of these edible pastries. The real reason to go - the coffee.

The Clifton Diner

When I walk through the doors of the Clifton Diner I feel like I am seeing old friends. I have spent countless mornings with friends sharing a laugh over coffee and an egg scrambler. I love the food, the atmoshpere, and the people who work at the diner.

Westside Market Cafe

We tend to shop often at the Westside Market and even when we don't I still enjoy going here for breakfast. It gets crowded but worth the wait.

Where do eat in the early morning?

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