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Ready to Rock? Rock and Roll Hall of Fame #AtoZChallenge

One of the rewards of working in Downtown Cleveland is the ridiculous view I get to see everyday on my way to work, never mind my ability to take a short walk down East 9th Street to see it up close and personal.  As I was thinking of what to do for the letter "R" I realized that I would be remiss not to include the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, or to locals the Rock Hall, on my #AtoZNortheastOhio challenge.

I remember when the campaign to build the Rock Hall in Cleveland was going on and I really did not think that something this cool would come to Cleveland.  I was in high school and did not realize the resolve that this City has when it comes to their Rock and Roll.  It is revered.

When I waited tables, I sent many a tourist to the doors of this iconic building.  As a photography student, I have taken more than one photo of the remarkable building.  Once I hit the corporate world I have attended a few events here as well as eaten many of my lunches on their plaza.  I even take the kids to their free concerts in the summer but I can never get over the sticker shock for the price of admission.

Going to the Rock Hall is a rite of passage for all Northeast Ohioans and every music fan to go at least once in their lifetime.  Even if you are not a music fan the structure that houses rock and roll history is a site to behold. And the view from all points is amazing!

I look forward to taking my kids when they are much older and can enjoy the museum and I can't wait for to see who will be playing this summer - for free. Unless there is a Stevie Nicks exhibit.  We will see a Stevie Nicks exhibit together.

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