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Our Favorite Festivals in Northeast Ohio #AtoZChallenge

Our Favorite Festivals in Northeast Ohio  #AtoZChallenge

Until I started my Northeast Ohio #AtoZChallenge, I thought I exposed the kids to plenty of festivals when in reality - we go to the same ones every year.

I went to the guru of Ohio Festivals to see if there were any I was forgetting that we go to and it just verified that we do go to the same ones every year and there are far more festivals that we really need to start checking out!

I also realized that Lakewood has at-least five that we go to throughout the year!  Here are just a few of our favorites...

Our Favorite Festivals in Northeast Ohio
My family is in no way Greek but we sure do love the food and thanks to my dear sisters, I have gone to GreekFest several times over the last several years and have a blast.  The church is stunning, the food is amazing, and the atmosphere is always welcoming and fun.

Great American Rib Cook-off


Great American Rib Cook-off

One kid l-o-v-e-s her BBQ and the other won't eat most meats, luckily there was grilled pineapple and corn  plus music and games looking over the Cuyahoga River. Check out our fun from last year!


I have been going to this amazing festival my entire life.  Well, my entire adult life anyway.  As a carefree single gal I browsed the stands, drank at the Tick Toc, and danced to the music.

As a mom, I still did all of those things just not late into the night and not as much, and with my little guy in tow.  There are plenty of things for kids to look at and to do.  Sights and sounds to please all of the senses.

Cleveland Irish Cultural Festival

Cleveland Irish Cultural Festival

This is another favorite from my childhood.  Besides the amazing music and beer, the stands of Irish goods, and Sunday mass in the great outdoors, this festival does an amazing job of entertaining the littlest participant.

Lakewood Arts Festival


Growing up in Lakewood, I took this wonderful day for granted but the last several years I have truly have fallen in love with my city all over again, every year.  I even got to share it with my mom a few years in a row.  The Lakewood Arts Festival stretches down Detroit Avenue and it is packed with booths of local and not so local artists, fantastic food, and music.



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The first IngenuityFest was in 2005, we started going in 2007.  Back then it was held under the Detroit Superior Bridge.  Art installations were held were the trains once parked and under the bridge over the Cuyahoga River.

This is not just an art show but an interactive art, music, and science festival to delight the senses and captivate the imagination.


Chalk Festival


I have only been a handful of times and one of those times was on a date with my husband 18 years ago.

Of course, after that date we remained friends and it took ten years for us to go on another date, but that is another post.

The Chalk Fest is a celebration of light and talent using a childhood favorite - chalk.  All are invited to take part and there are some amazingly talented people who participate.  Their ability to make images jump off the sidewalk is inspiring.

The Annual Hale & Farm and Village Harvest Festival


The Annual Hale & Farm and Village Harvest Festival

Two weekends celebrating the harvest as if it was 1800.  Read about our day at the festival here.


November 29, 2014

This winter wonderland festival hosted by the city of Cleveland in the heart of Public Square.  There are fun things to do for the young and the old from horse and carriage rides to Santa to fireworks when the lights are lit up.  It is a magical time in Cleveland.


Holiday CircleFest

Wade Circle is transform into a holiday lover's paradise with horse and drawn carriages, lanterns, ice sculptors and live performances from local musicians.  In addition to all of the outside fun, all of the museums are free for the day.

Which Northeast Ohio Festivals do you and your family enjoy?

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