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Where to Get Wet in Northeast Ohio #AtoZChallenge

It is hard to believe that we have a summer in Northeast Ohio after this long, hard winter, which is probably why the indoor water parks do as well as they do when it is cold.  Thankfully we will be able to enjoy the sunshine and a few of my favorite places are free.

If you have been following my #AtoZNortheastOhio this month, you know that we love Lake Erie!  There are a few really wonderful beaches that makes us feel like we are miles away as we sun ourselves.  Of course, it is not always feasible to go to the beach swim for one reason or another.  The main reason being that the lake is tested daily to make sure it's safe and the other is sometimes you just want to go to the pool.

My neighborhood has two pools and they are open not just to residents but to non-residents for only a small up-charge.  That is unusual.  It seems pools are either exclusive to a city or charge a lot more to use them. The exception is Cleveland.

Cleveland pools are free and the kids love to go to Halloran Pool.  It is not the biggest pool but it has a kiddie pool with so many fun features to get the kids wet and have a great time.

Our favorite pools are at the Middleburg Heights Recreation Department.  If you don't live in the city you can buy a guest pass and use the facility for the day and there are two pools - one inside and one outside. The inside has a 14 foot slide, lazy river, lap pool, and a in pool jungle gym.

The outdoor pool is simply brilliant. There was virtually no area my oldest could not go and baby girl has plenty to keep her busy with my help or on her own in the shallower end.  This pool also has water cannons, tumble buckets and a lily-pad walk.

Northeast Ohio is home to several water parks to enjoy in the summer.

And, last but not least - water parks that are open all year long!

Where do you go to get wet?

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