Why I Probably Won't Tell My Kid He Has Autism

I am Different NOT Less - Temple Grandin | Why I Probably Won't Tell My Kid He Has Autism

My oldest was officially diagnosed with autism.  This is not a surprise and we are now on a path that will give him more tools to be able to function in this life.

We will probably not tell him anytime soon.


Our #ThisisCLE Adventure Pictures

Amazing #ThisisCLE Adventure Pictures

This past weekend my family and I spent it showing another family around Cleveland courtesy of  the Cleveland Conventions and Visitors Bureau.  I got to plan the itinerary and the CVB paid for it.  As an added bonus we had a lot of fun and made new friends.  It was quite an adventure.

We kicked it off our Saturday in University Circle...

Western Reserve Historical Society 

WRHS Cleveland Indians and Browns | @MryJhnsn

Dress-up at the WRHS | @MryJhnsn


Northeast Ohio Bucket List | August 28 - September 1

Summer Bucket List in Cleveland and surrounding suburbs

This is the last official Summer Bucket List post for 2014!

*sniff* *sniff*

I guess the fun had to end sometime.  Now it is back to school and homework.  

At least there will be all of the amazing and fun fall activities!  Woo hoo! Cheers to fall!

So without delay...



9 Instagrams That Sum Up Summer in Northeast Ohio

Our #Instagram Summer | @MryJhnsn

As I fill out the forms to send RD off to preschool while my oldest prepares for the *choke* fourth grade I started to stall look back on this summer.  They will never be able to say that there are no pictures from their childhood.  They may not be printed but there are pictures.

9 Instagrams to Sum Up Our Summer in Northeast Ohio

The first of many gorgeous summer days.


Sweet, Sweet Campbell's Sweets Will #KeepCLEsweet

Sweet, Sweet @CampbellsSweets Will #KeepCLEsweet #ThisisCle

About nine months ago a wonderful thing happened...

Campbell's Sweets opened a shop in my hometown.

We have been eating Campbell's ah-maz-ing popcorn for years.  A trip to the West Side Market is not complete without a taste and a bag to take home.  One day, I discovered a new cupcake place called Grandma Freida's, named for the owner's mother, and they are the best cupcakes in Cleveland.  Big, moist, and in a slew of original flavors.  My all time favorite is the chai which is now only a seasonal flavor but at least I can get it.