My Favorite Mommy Moment?

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I was asked recently by friend and fellow blogger, Laura from Thrifty in Pittsburgh, about my favorite mommy moment for a writing challenge. 

The more I thought about a mommy moment the more I came to realize that I don't have just one favorite mommy moment.  I don't like them all either but to pick just one is really hard.

There are moments that make me wonder why I am a parent.

Moments that send me to me knees.



Retail Therapy: Mid-Summer Must Haves

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I hate that summer is ending.  Hate it!  I am trying to ring every moment out of the dog days and while daydreaming on a dreary day I came up with some new mid-summer must haves:

  • Beach sandals
  • Sunglasses
  • Beach hat
  • Sunscreen
  • Nail polish

Mid-Summer Must Haves


4 More Books to Read Right Now

Book review
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I am so very close to my goal of 40 books before 40!

I o-n-l-y have fourteen books or so to go before November.  I am not sure how I feel about that number but according to goodreads.com I am four a head of schedule.  Woot!

I have become addicted to Kindle First Reads.  I mean seriously addicted.  I can't wait to see the authors they pick and the books to pick from but you only get one so if you pick the crap one - you are stuck.  This is part of the Amazon Prime membership.  Of course now they have unlimited reading, something or other for 10 bucks a month but I am not sure I read enough for that...

I've been lucky for the most part.  In fact, The Source is the second book in a trilogy that I found through first reads and reviewed early in the summer.  Artful was my pick for June.  I just started reading my July pick, Inamorata by Megan Chance, and it is almost August!  What can I say, not all books can be page turners.

4 More Books to Read Right Now


4 Ways to Enjoy Cedar Point When It Rains #iheartcp #sponsored

Cedar Point Rain Plan
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Cedar Point is, for every Ohio kid and roller coaster enthusiast, the ultimate destination.  

We have been waiting to take the kids and new this was going to be THE summer to go.  So, I requested the time off, got the tickets, told the kids, and gassed up the car but - it was raining!  What would you do?

If you are like us, whose schedules, never seem to sync you go anyway.  It's Northeast Ohio, give it five minutes and the weather will change.  In hindsight, I wish we would not have left so early.  We only live an hour away and the park is open late so waiting a few hours to go would have made a world of difference.

Friend and blogger at Clue into Cleveland, Amanda Hicken, is a dedicated Cedar Point aficionado who had a ton of suggestions after we went.  Also, studying the website would have given me a better idea of what to do if it rained.  Since I did none of that I am sharing what I learned.

view from above of Cedar Point

Before you go, check their website.  

Cedar Point has a live webcam and it may be raining where you are but sunny there.  If it is rainy there, go later in the day.  Of course, if you are staying at one of the many hotels in the area all you have to do is look out the window but the same advice holds true to go later in the morning or early afternoon.  There is no rush at this point and the park is open most days till 10:00PM.  Yes, many of the rides will run in the rain.  Some of the coasters will not run because of lightning and wind conditions, but there are rides that are covered like bumper cars and the carousels.

Cedar Point rain plan

We were wimps and only made it to 1:00 PM before throwing in the towel so here are the four things I wish we would have done that would have made our rainy day even more enjoyable.

4 Ways to Enjoy Cedar Point When it Rains


Northeast Ohio Bucket List | July 17 - 24, 2014

Summer Bucket List in Cleveland and surrounding suburbs

If you are looking for some fun, look at the calendar at the end! It is full of ideas of what we would like to do this Northeast Ohio if we had unlimited time and money. Some are free, most are not, and be sure to call all events prior to attending, just in case I have some information wrong or it was canceled.

Have an event you would like to see added? Fill out this form.


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