A Spooky Pinterest Fail or Cake Pops are the Devil

I was so inspired by this pin from Midwestern Moms that I thought I could totally make those, too!

And, I thought pumpkins are great but I'll make the ghosts.

So, I baked the cake and it tasted good.


Northeast Ohio Bucket List Events | October 29 - November 5

Northeast Ohio Fall Bucket List of Events in Cleveland and surrounding suburbs | iNeedaPlaydate.com

Halloween is almost here!

I can't believe October is over! Time for trick or treating! We took the kids to Lodi Station Outlets to ride the train out to their cute little pumpkin patch to pick out pumpkins and...

... while we were there the kids got to meet Captain America!

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The trip ended up costing $32 for the four of us to ride the train, meet Captain America, and for the kids to get a pumpkin - more than what I expected to pay but the kids loved it and it was a gorgeous day!

Plus the Browns won!

Our Fall Favorites for this Week


Why Someecards is a Blankety-Blank (plus #ecardchallenge)

Why Someecards is a Blankety-Blank (plus #ecardchallenge)

I am not necessarily a devoted fan of Someecards but I love a good chuckle so, of course, I like them and find them funny.  I even made a few in my lifetime, but the majority of my exposure comes from friends on Facebook and Pinterest - until today.

Ready, Set, Parenthood has challenged me!

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The Challenge: Select the 5 e-cards that represent you!
The Challenger: Ready, Set, Parenthood

I've looked deep into my soul and dug up -

5 Someecards that represent me


All About the Apple Pie Chex Mix Recipe

I'm All About the Apple Pie Chex Mix

Despite the reminder at the start of the week, I still forgot that I wanted to bake for the school fall festival. As I scanned pinterest for easy ideas, in the early morning hours the day of, I came across a whole lot a of candy corn inspired treats including a Chex mix one. 

I hate candy corn but love check mix. I really think Chex is the best cereal. I've never actually had a bowl for breakfast but I do love a good Chex mix (here and here). 

Vanilla Chex, Cinnamon Chex, freeze dried apples, and more cinnamon
Vanilla Chex, Cinnamon Chex, freeze dried apples, and more cinnamon