Some Mornings, I Just Want to Go Back to Bed

“...moms, even good ones, sometimes lose it a little so as not to lose it all.”

You know those days you wonder why you got of bed? 

Those mornings when the preschooler is crying because you had the audacity to pick out something for her to wear and the older one is shooting you piercing looks because you woke him for something as trivial as school.

It is the same morning that you woke up late because you think you are fighting off whatever sickness one of them gave you and your whole body hurts. Why can't they give you a clean room instead of the flu?

In the midst of all of this chaos, I crawled into my kid's bed and just laid there wondering why I was given these little lives to nurture and guide. I feel like I am failing left and right. Yelling to get things done when I know damn well that is not going to work. Counting to five to calm myself so much I have to wonder if the kids know I can count higher. 

How can she be so tiny and so willful! 


Northeast Ohio Bucket List of Family Friendly Events | January 22 - 28, 2015

Northeast Ohio and Greater Cleveland Bucket List of Events for 2015

Brrr... It's snowing, again! 

I am not a winter person and we tend to watch a whole lot of movies in the winter but last weekend was Super Saturday at the Beck and they had a special treat...

I am in love with these girls, er, Disney Princesses! They are absolutely wonderful.

So, that was Saturday and then we spent the rest of the weekend nursing my poor, sick son. Flu has hit and fingers crossed no one else gets it.

Bucket List Calendar - Events in Cleveland and Northeast Ohio for Winter 2014 


9 Favorite (Often Overlooked) Episodes of Doctor Who to Watch on @Netflix #StreamTeam

9 Favorite (and Often Overlooked) Episodes of Doctor Who to Watch on @Netflix #StreamTeam
As part of the Netflix #StreamTeam, I received product to facilitate this post. I have not received monetary compensation and opinions are my own.

Doctor Who (and some other BBC shows) will still be on Netflix come February 1, 2015!

As a Netflix fan and a Doctor Who fan, losing the ability to have instant access to my favorite show may have been devastating. I just purchased two Rokus for goodness sakes!

I find that the episodes that I watch, are not ones that BBC America airs and if they do - I don't see them so I created my list of my nine favorite episodes to celebrate Doctor Who staying on Netflix.

What's life? Life's easy. A quirk of matter.

Instagram Again Saturday - Little Ballerina at the Beck Center

Instagram, Again Saturdays | Reliving Old Instagrams, One Saturday at a Time

A year ago our little on started preschool ballet at the Beck Center...

...she is still taking lessons, making friends, and growing up so fast!

There is only one class parents are allowed to see, I forgot, again, and did not do her hair.

Having the perfect bun may not seem like a big deal but it seems that once the hair is pulled back and she looks like the a ballerina, she does better, like putting on her uniform and going to work.

I know she is only four and she will probably tire of this soon but I like to see when she tries her best just as much as when she is having fun.

Instagram from last year -

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Instagram from this year-


Frozen Inspired Personalized Valentine Idea

#Frozen Inspired Personalized Valentine Ideas

Valentine's Day is so much fun when you have little ones. As my oldest gets, well, older, helping with the class party and making valentines is just not as cool as when he was younger. Sure I can make treats and they have a party but Valentines are pretty boring, and usually store bought. Now that RD is in preschool, you better believe that I am doing something cute!

I have done some pretty darling things in the past for my oldest. One year, I made the "Write" kind of Valentines.

Write kind of valentines
printables for this here