My Soundtrack in 8 Songs

My Soundtrack in 8 Songs

If your life had a soundtrack - what would be on it?

Sounds simple enough. Pick a few songs that describe your life and call it a day. I thought it would be more interesting (and easier) to use my "online" name - mryjhnsn.

MryJhnsn is how you can find me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, you get the idea. It's how I see myself on line. It makes sense really to build a soundtrack from it.

My Soundtrack in 8 Songs I mryjhnsn

M - Mama You've Been on My Mind

I've loved this song for so long but it's taken on a different sort of meaning since my mom died. I know this song is about love lost but I can also hear my complicated relationship with my mom in the lines.


Northeast Ohio Family Friendly Events | May 28 - June 3

Take a look at what's happening in Northeast Ohio and the Cleveland suburbs this weekend! #thisiscle

Hello Summer?

Okay, so not really summer but Memorial Weekend does seem to kick off the summer and the weather was certainly a bonus!

We spent our weekend at birthday parties! The first was a bowling party at Mahall's with a special appearance from Cracker Jack the Clown from Flower Entertainment.

Cracker Jack is on the right (not from the party)
Flower Entertainment has been at many of the events that we've attended over the last several weeks and they have such amazing people working for them! Friendly, fun and talented.

The second party was a luau birthday party!

I wish I had a better picture of the kids with their leis and grass skirts but we were having to much fun to stop and take pictures.


Join Me on Instagram this Summer? #dailysummergram

#dailysummergram - one summer photo a day on Instagram

I'm thrilled it's summer! Thrilled!

Okay, not officially summer, but summer enough for me.

I love to participate in Instagram challenges but I've sort of stopped. Just stopped, no reason.

Instead, I'm challenging myself to post one photo a day starting today and going through Labor Day, sharing what summer looks like to me.

Sunny days, rainy days, boring days - whatever sums up that particular summer day.

Some days I will have more to share and other days will be just one photo.

I hope you will join me. It starts the first day you post.