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What to do This Weekend in Cleveland 2018 No. 37

Fun, family friendly events in CLE and Northeast Ohio #EatPlayLiveCLE

This happened last weekend in Cleveland...

Can't wait to see what happens this weekend!

Bucket List - Family Friendly Events in Northeast Ohio 
The bucket list calendar is a list of fun things we would like to do in Northeast Ohio if we had unlimited time and money. Some are free, most are not. Be sure to call any event prior to attending, just in case I have some information wrong or it was canceled. Feel free to shoot us an email to add something to the list!

Joann Fabrics and Amber Making It on Public Square

Joann Fabrics and Amber Making It on Public Square

Have you ever heard of finger knitting?

So, I have but not in the expected I-worked-at-a-craft-store-in-high-school kind of way.

I knew it was a thing because - my dad was a sailor and he made a lot of knots. In turn, he figured out how to crochet without a hook. I'm guessing boredom on a ship would do that to a guy in WWII. He showed my brother and me when we were kids, but I could barely crochet with a needle. Maybe that's why he tried to show me. Connecting in a way that he was comfortable doing.

Crocheting wasn't my thing, but maybe finger knitting could be my thing?

So, I dragged the kids through downtown Cleveland on an overcast day to go to the world’s largest finger knitting event! Why would I do this when I never even considered finger knitting? 


Have You Read These, Yet? Vol. 6

I hit my reading goal for the year! 24 books, four months ahead of schedule! 

And, then it felt like I just couldn't read anymore! For about a month and now I am trying to catch up with my Book of the Month books and book club book.

In the meantime, here are the last three books I read and my thoughts via Instagram.

I enjoyed The Alice Network and Summer Wives more than Smart Women. I am not a fan of the 80's so I'm not surprised that I liked the other two books. Smart Women was a fun, quick read, but I probably would have never read it if it wasn't for my monthly book club.
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