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Inspired by Instagram: POP Fit Clothing

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Inspired by Instagram: POP Fit Clothing

I've been trying really hard to get to the gym. The hardest part is finding clothes that are practical, fit, and affordable. Oh, and look good!

It's certainly gotten easier for fat girls to find nice looking workout clothes. The challenge for me is finding ones that aren't too trendy. The sheer panels are weird. I am not a fan of crazy patterns. And, I prefer capris. Oh, and I want a pocket.

I'm not asking for much - right?

Scrolling through Instagram, I came across POPfit Clothing. I had seen it several times and scrolled right by it.

I like POP Fits' Instagram and Facebook ads. All types of women, in all sizes and shapes being sassy in their workout gear. There was a lot of mesh so I would keep scrolling.

Inspired by Instagram: POP Fit Clothing


Why I Did the #10DayChallenge Diet

Why I Did the #10DayChallenge Diet

I did the 10-day diet challenge!

And, it sucked for the first three or four days. Like, really sucked. But, I did it.

It's been almost two years since I shared my #FattoFitCLE updates. In that time period, I gained back the 30 pounds that I lost!

I had to give up my gym membership to the YMCA. It's expensive to belong to the Y! I stopped counting calories and tried WW. I gained weight on Weight Watchers. I was so annoyed, I gave my husband my FitBit.

Last October, I joined Planet Fitness to get back in the habit of going to the gym. I tried counting calories again, but I just couldn't remember to do it. And, I didn't really care.

After the holidays, I bought a new step tracker. Went to my doctor. Bought some cute gym clothes. And, took advantage of the 24-hour part of Planet Fitness. If I can't sleep, I get their early.

Working out at Planet Fitness | Why I Did the #10DayChallenge Diet

I still wasn't all that motivated to change my eating habits. Just working out was not working.

A friend mentioned that she wanted to do a 10-day challenge at the start of February. Eat veggies and proteins for ten days. Anyone can do something for just ten days.

When she told me that JLo was doing it too I almost told her no. I don't want to do anything a celebrity with a personal chef, trainer, and staff does - ever.

She sent me a link anyway.

NO - bread, potatoes, pasta, rice, sugar, caffeine, and dairy. I got to the caffeine bit and laughed out loud. I'm not giving up coffee, too. 

I told my husband and he nodded like he heard me.


Celebrating at Paladar Latin Kitchen + Enter to Win $100 Gift Card

This conversation was facilitated by Paladar Latin Kitchen. All opinions are my own. This content is intended for readers 21+.
Celebrating Carnaval at Paladar Latin Kitchen + Enter to Win $100 Gift Card

Last week a friend and I attend Paladar's media night showcasing the newly remodeled restaurant and the Carnival menu.

While I adore BOMBA, I've never been to Paladar. Neither had my friend. I had no idea how much of a treat we would be in for when I accepted the invite.
Celebrating at Paladar Latin Kitchen + Enter to Win $100 Gift Card

As Westsiders going east in a mini blizzard, we were welcomed into the warmth of Paladar. The beautiful open space and smiling waitstaff made us feel happy and comfortable right from the start.

Celebrating at Paladar Latin Kitchen + Enter to Win $100 Gift Card
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