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On the Line: Weekly Favorites Issue 4

Top 5 6 Favorite Blog Posts from Favorite Bloggers

This week's list is special because they are from my tribe, as in my SITS tribe.

Snow Day In The South!
It made me happy to see that the South got snow.

I Will Never Grow Up – Funny Justin Bieber Mugshot
I tried to make one of my own, but it felt to mean.  I do love what she did to poor Mr. Bieber.

Ada Covered Bridge
I am a sucker for covered bridges and pretty girls doing fun photo shoots.  

I love words.  I am not very smart but I love very large words the way men like porn.  

Five on Friday
Shout out to our SITS Tribe!

That One Time I Posted Half-Nekkid Photos
Bodyspace confessions.

Top 5 Favorite Pins

And, in cased you missed these this week....

This week I shared some tips on Hosting a Chili Cook-Off in 5 Easy Steps with Printables.

I shared some of the ridiculous things I say to my kids. Say What! 8 Things I've Said to My Kids This Week (that I betcha you didn't say to yours).

I have had a lot of jobs but The Job I Hated Most? Sex Toy Consultant.

And, I Have a Cutie Pie. Do You?  She didn't win.

And, I was featured on BlogHer this week!

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