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I Have a Cutie Pie. Do You?

I very rarely do this and I have no idea what compelled me to do it this time but Goddess help me I entered a photo of Baby Girl in a cute baby contest.

Family and friends say we have cute kids, but honestly, who doesn't think that their babies aren't cute and why put them on display?  I guess prizes or the bragging rights - maybe.  Showing off how adorable my offspring are is at the top of the list but a contest to prove it?

I like to think that I am not competitive by nature, in fact I am a little lazy so even if I did feel compelled to enter my seriouslycutekids into any type of competition that requires popular voting they probably won't win because I will not hound my friends and relatives for votes. Maybe an email and then guilt creeps in so I don't mention it again.

I also feel that if I enter them they should win based on fair and honest voting.  So they should win automatically, right?

When I was pregnant and about to go on maternity leave I had to train my temp.  There is not a whole lot to my job or at least not what a temp would be doing while I was on leave.  My main responsibility is to react when there is an issue and attempt to fix it. Let's just say there was a lot of opportunity for small talk and one conversation has always stuck with me.

Way to stunned to say anything I laughed and went to lunch.  We all need a reminder in humility, I suppose, and whenever I need a good chuckle or think that I am getting to cute I think of her. And sure I may not be a looker but boy I think my kids might just be.

Even still, I could not resist to submit a photo that I love.  She has marker on her face from putting "make-up" on and she is wearing her Lightning McQueen hat to keep her warm.  I love this photo and it is not the typical cutie pie photo that everyone else submits but it suits her and I entered her.

I know she won't win.  I am not committed to voting anymore than my family and friends would be but who knows, maybe this time I will hound the masses in the hopes of winning the prize pack.  It sure would make her birthday shopping easier.  

What have you done that you were not particularly proud of to show off your kids?

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