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What We've Done in CLE Lately


What We Did in the CLE! Detroit-Superior Bridge

What We Did in the CLE! Detroit-Superior Bridge #eatplayliveCLE

The Cuyahoga River caught fire in 1969. 

It was not the first fire on the Cuyahoga, but a month after the fire an image of it burning appeared on the cover of Time Magazine. The image of a river on fire sparked a national conversation about industrial water pollution. Cleveland residents had been actively working to clean up the river prior to the fire. In 1968, residents had passed a $100 million bond initiative to fund the Cuyahoga’s cleanup.

What We Did in the CLE! Detroit-Superior Bridge #eatplayliveCLE

Thanks to the fire and the Times' article, Cleveland represented a turn in environmental issues. This event also brought Cleveland Mayor Carl Stokes to the forefront along with his brother US Representative Louis Stokes. They testified before Congress for federal involvement in pollution control which would lead to the passage of the federal Clean Water Act of 1972.

Fast forward to now and the 50th Anniversary of the Cuyahoga River Burning!

The kids and I celebrated by exploring the Detroit-Superior Bridge. Or, for those who were born after 1989 or whose parents could not adopt the new name, the Veterans Memorial Bridge.

The first few years of Ingenuity Festivals were held under the Detroit-Superior bridge. And, on Labor Day and Memorial Day, the bridge is open for tours. This is the first time my oldest will remember walking across the Cuyahoga River. While we didn't go through the old subway tunnels, we did cross the bridge, see some exhibits, and were amazed by the lighting art installations.


What We've Done in CLE Lately

What We've Done in CLE Lately

Hello, June!

Yes, I know that that this middle of the month. But, I'm finally starting to catch my breath from the last two months! And, where the heck is the sunshine Cleveland?!

I mentioned in my last post that I've been dealing with a lot of changes. Some big and have messed with me and little ones that just annoy me. There have been several wonderful changes too.

My baby brother's baby girl is turning one soon and my family was together to celebrate a wedding.

There was a time that it didn't seem that these moments would be possible. Having family separated by distance and sorrow is challenging. But, what a blessing when everything falls into place.

In the fall, my son will be going into high school, at my alma mater no less. I never thought kids and marriage were for me and now I have a teenager and a nine-year-old. I always knew it would be difficult. But, I wasn't prepared for how amazing it continues to be having these humans in our lives.

They are funny and smart. Kind and often exasperating, so full of endless love.

Here's a recap of the last two months thanks to the randomness of my Instagram posts.


9 Quotes About Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes

9 Quotes About Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes

I've been overwhelmed by the usual changes of life. 

You know, the ones that are inevitable. The changes you can't stop like time.

Taking on more responsibility at my day job drained me for several months. I started a new anxiety medication that knocked me on my ass with nausea. My weight has gone down and up. I started working out again to stop because of car issues and not enough sleep. I sound like I am complaining, but these are not necessarily bad things. Just life.

End of the school year and the seeming-endless to-dos is wrapped up. And, now I have a kid about to enter high school. High. School.

I'm so thankful for social media memories. I hope Facebook is around 30 years from now so my kids can see what we did in memories!

I took on a new role within the PTA. Actually, two new roles. I knew I was going to take over events for my daughter's elementary school, but on a whim, I signed up for the Reflections program for citywide PTA council. I am excited and stressed about this one. I could totally f*ck this up. Fingers crossed.

More changes are coming and I'm not ready.

While waiting for changes, here are some of my favorite quotes. Happy Pinning! know that a good, long session of weeping can often make you feel better #quotes
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