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The Dirt (on me)

I'm a working mom of two, incredibly beautiful, super funny, ridiculously intelligent, and amazingly talented children who are five years apart (2005 + 2010)I'm also wife to a hunk who has a brilliant sense of humor and so much patience! Finally, Tiger a rescue cat we adopted in October 2015.

I live in Northeast Ohio, in a suburb of Cleveland. I'm a big fan of my community and cannot imagine living anywhere else.

I love where I work, but I love being a mom of my elementary and middle school kids even more. If I could have my kids at work I would. My views and opinions are all my own and do not reflect the views or opinions of the company that employs me. You can read about blog policies here as well as giveaway rules. Also, I'm not nor will be pregnant anytime in the future. I also have no babies or children who need diapers. I do have a cat/

Speaking of work... there does not seem to be a job that I haven't had (in no particular order): server, bartender, club manager, manager of an all-male revue (read: naked men), hostess, photo lab technician, cashier, pizza delivery woman, office manager, receptionist, registration clerk for a substance abuse agency, administrative assistant, sex toy consultant, telemarketer, market research assistant, and blogger.

Somewhere between work and procrastinating about doing the never-ending laundry, I decided I needed a hobby and started blogging. I started as Hello Mommy but switched to iNeed a Playdate because it's what I'm looking to have, either for me or the kids.

The other reason I decided to blog and not paint the next masterpiece or write the next NY Times Best Seller is due to my sister and if you want to read that it is here.

I take pictures. I once had aspirations of being a photographer, even went to school for it, until I worked at a photo lab and it changed my life and my mind. I still enjoy taking pictures, but I no longer get paid to do it so I don't feel right calling myself a photographer. My Husband is a photographer and many of his photographs are featured in many of my posts. Most are my original photos. All rights reserved.

This blog is my part-time job. I share some recipes, our adventures in Northeast Ohio and beyond as well as product reviews and sweepstakes. If you would like me to review and/or host a sweepstake for your company, in exchange for a product or the equivalent - email me at

If you are still following me after reading this... Cheers and happy reading!
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