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The Job I Hated Most? Sex Toy Consultant

I was a Passion Parties consultant and I was a hack, a complete and utter hack at direct sales. I could not get the hang of being a consultant. It was by far the worse job I have ever had.

It wasn't the sex part or the standing in front of a room of complete strangers talking about sex. No, it was going out and getting people to host a party with me.

I am in awe of the women (and men) who are in sales, especially direct selling and not just Passion Party but Tupperware, Mary Kay, Avon, and Tastefully Simple and on and on. To be able to hustle, get folks to host a party and then ask them to join their team – complete awe.

It took a year and a half for me to cave. It was hard to admit that I was just not going to succeed. I had a great team leader but I was lacking the commitment to just go up to strangers and say, “Want to have a sex toy party?”

Now if a complete stranger walked up to me and asked what I personally use, I could go on and on and even show them the one I keep in my purse but to actually suggest to a stranger that I could help them host a party – forget about it.

Lucky for me I finally found something that I could do for a living and enjoy. I like taking care of people and what I do now allows me to do that with the comfort of an office, free coffee, and health benefits.

I don’t necessarily regret the time. I got a lot of fun toys out of this deal after all but I still carry the scars of rejection when I would put myself out there just to be shot down. “What do you mean you are not interested in having a sex toy party? Before I sold them I hosted them like twice a year!”

I guess that is just me though.

What is the worse job you ever had?

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