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What 4 Pounds Means to Me #RealYouYMCA

What 4 pounds means to me #RealYouYMCA #FattoFitinCLE

I am participating in The Real You program courtesy of the Parker Hannifin YMCA to facilitate this conversation. All opinions are my own.

It's been 11 days, 1 hour, 39 minutes and 17 seconds since I started The Real You at the Parker Hannifin YMCA

It's been a rough two weeks.

The hardest part was stepping through the door.

Parker Hannifin YMCA at the Galleria at Erieview

Aside from a yoga class, I've never taken a workout class, much less circuit training.

Real You at the YMCA meets two days a week to workout and learn about nutrition. Plus, I'm held accountable each week by my trainer Denise and my Real You classmates on MyFitnessPal and in person.

Denise from The Real You at the YMCA

Denise looks at MyFitnessPal daily to see what I'm eating. And, let's me know when I should be making better choices. She also offers encouragement. Weekends are the hardest for me - damn snacking.

Lunch time workout means eating at my desk

Denise also checks to see that I'm active outside of the two days that we meet. Which, I have been! This is the longest I've stuck with working out. I've only ever dieted in the past. Now, I'm sweating!

I workout on my lunch hour which means eating at my desk. This has been perfect for me. I hate getting out of bed in the morning and I have too much to do after work. Kids, blogging, cleaning, wifely duties, the list goes on and on.

As a result, I've lost four pounds.

What's four pounds when I have 81 more pounds till I reach my goal? A lot more than I expected.

Four pounds means that my muscles are sore, but I can now walk a mile and a quarter in twenty minutes (even jog some of it) every day.

Four pounds means I've walked 102,291 steps. That's 43.55 miles and 34,859 calories burned.

Four pounds means that I can zip up pants that could not zip up two weeks ago.

Four pounds means I can pull 362 feet of endless rope in 6 minutes.

Four pounds means I'm putting in the effort.

Four pounds has given me energy. I'll need this for the Walk, Rock, and Run this Saturday!

Four pounds is four less I have to lose!

Endless Rope at Cleveland YMCA

I still cringe when I look at myself in all those damn mirrors as Denise pushes us to work harder, but I don't feel like giving up. I want to be there and I feel great after.

I could've done this on my own...

Who am I kidding?!?

I would've by now if I could have done it on my own! I needed this giant push in the right direction that Real You, Denise, and everyone at the YMCA has given me.

The thing about the Y is that it hasn't just been the Real You team that offers support. YMCA staff always seem to be available with a smile, a nod of encouragement and help if you ask. Staff trainer Nicoy came up to me while I was mid-jog and gave me a high five. I figured a swealfie (a sweaty selfie) was in order.

The Real You program is offered at Greater Cleveland YMCAS. There is a class starting soon!

The Real You at Greater Cleveland YMCA

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