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Shed Winter Weight + Find The Real You at the YMCA

Shed Winter Weight + Find The Real You at @CLEDowntownY #EatPlayLive
I am participating in The Real You program courtesy of the Parker Hannifin YMCA to facilitate this conversation. All opinions are my own. This post contains an affiliate link.

Dieting sucks.

I've stopped saying, "I'm on a diet," years ago and embraced, "I'm changing my diet," instead.

The fact remains, I want to eat and I don't make time to be active. Eating feels avoid at times. What that void happens to be is a mystery, but usually goes along with anxiety and depression. I eat my feelings.

Six months and twenty pounds ago, I was on track. I had lost 35 lbs. Then the holidays came. I held fast, didn't lose or gain and my jeans were getting looser.

In December, I hit a wall. Actually, it felt like a wall fell on me. I was in so much pain and it zapped the energy out of me. My doctor could not tell me why and tests came up inconclusive. I have a theory, but he dismisses it.

The pain has not gone away. It just isn't as severe or widespread. I gave up for awhile. I said I was too busy. I said I didn't have any more time.

Busy people say they don't have time. Productive people make the time. @mryjhnsn

Once again, I'm sharing my failures. Once again, I'm ready to pick up where I left off.

I woke up one morning and bought a Fitbit.

I signed up with MyFittnessPal, linked it to my Fitbit, and started logging what I ate.

Next, I started walking and trying different workouts at home.

By chance, an invitation came to check out the brand new Parker Hannifin YMCA and I went. This YMCA is gorgeous and I work within a short walk. Lunchtime workouts just became a real possibility.

Next week, I start The Real You program at the YMCA. I'm pretty excited to have this opportunity.

The Real You at the @CLEDowntownY #EatPlayLive

With The Real You, you get 8 weeks of:

  • Nutritional education and coaching
  • Daily food and activity monitoring online
  • Weekly weigh-ins and monthly measurements
  • 2 group workouts per week plus homework activity
  • Group support
  •  Individual, personal attention

This program is only at the YMCA. And, they claim that 30% of their participants lose 15 pounds in the eight weeks the program runs.

  • Plus Members: $125 for 8 weeks (only $15.62 a week!)
  • Members: $145 for 8 weeks (only $18.12 a week!)
  • Program Members: $215 for 8 weeks (only $26.87 a week!)

Sessions start every eight weeks! There is one starting on Monday at the Parker Hannifin YMCA.
Register Now.

My long term goal is to lose 85 pounds in 365 days.
Weight loss page 1 of 365
Starting on Monday, the first 62 days will be finding the real me at the YMCA. I'll be sharing updates and checking-in on social media.

I can't wait to get started!

Well, after I get a new workout outfit.

Virtual high five

P.S. I will be accepting high fives along the way - virtual or in person. Join me on MyFitnessPal or Fitbit!

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