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My Secret Weapon for Instant Me Time #bluforYou

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My secret weapon for instant me time #bluforyou

Rush, rush, rush.

I feel like I'm rushing all the time. Hurry up to get there and hurry up to get here. And, when I get there I wait, work, or hopefully, relax. I take ‘me time’ when I can get it and I have a secret weapon - blu PLUS+ eCigs.

No matter how early I get up in the morning, I still feel like I'm rushing. Rushing to get the kids up, lunches made, showers, hair fixed, and somewhere in there, coffee. Sure, I could do some of that the night before and on occasion I do, but I still feel rushed.

In a flurry of hugs and kisses, I'm out the door to maneuver my way through construction and traffic.

The normal route has been changing from an expressway to a boulevard. This means what was once a 50 mph quick run to work is now a 35 mph jog. Also, the whole three lanes to two lanes messes with the flow of traffic. And, you know what? It is less stressful to take side streets then deal with that mess in the morning.

My job, as an office manager, has its own pace. Roughly 180 people rely on me to make sure they have tools to do their job and in some degree of comfort. It’s more about reacting to problems and trying to expect needs. When there is a problem, then there's a surge of activity until the job is complete.

The best part of my job is I can leave it all there. And, hurry home.

Driving is my favorite part of the day. It is my alone time. I use it to plan the day, decompress, and on occasion - daydream. Especially on a really stressful day. Going or coming to work, I keep my stress levels in check with my blu PLUS+ eCig.

I started smoking blu PLUS+ eCigs about a year ago and I can’t use anything else.

The blu PLUS+™ Rechargeable Kit has an improved design. The tip of the blu Tank now provides a better cigarette like draw and creates more vapor.

Who says bigger isn't better?  Thanks to a bigger battery, my blu PLUS+ lasts 2x longer and charges 2x faster than the blu Rechargeable Kit battery.

The pre-filled Tanks come in an assortment of flavors and nicotine strengths. I’m a big fan of the non-nicotine strength, especially in Pina Colada but Classic Tobacco has a spot on flavor. The Tanks give longer-lasting, consistent flavor. No fuss, no mess.

Not only does blu PLUS+ feel like a real cig, it tastes more like a tobacco cigarette, too.

blu PLUS+ e-cig Rapid Recharge Pack #bluforYou

My first experience with blu PLUS+ eCig was the Xpress kit™. I've gone to the next level with the Rapid Recharge Pack for blu. The pack charges batteries in only 30 minutes and doubles as a case for the e-cig and batteries.

blu PLUS+ e-cig Rapid Recharge kit #bluforYou

Since I only smoke in the car I tend to "lose" my e-cig. It falls beside the seat or gets loss of the abyss of armrest storage. Once, I found it in the crack of the seat. With the Rapid Recharge Pack, I can find easily in the car and can now throw it in my purse. I can also use my car charger to charge it.

Never losing my bu PLUS e-cig again
Ordering online is always quick and easy plus free delivery.

blu PLUS rechargeable kit online #bluforYou

And, I’m a repeat buyer so if I purchase online or at a store, I can add to my blu Rewards for discounts and prizes.

Not many people know I smoke (until now) so I appreciate that orders are packaged in a plain brown box.

blu PLus e-cig plain box  #bluforYou

It’s my instant stress relief, one drag at a time.

How do you relieve your stress when you don’t have a lot of time?

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