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What We've Done in CLE Lately

What We've Done in CLE Lately

Hello, June!

Yes, I know that that this middle of the month. But, I'm finally starting to catch my breath from the last two months! And, where the heck is the sunshine Cleveland?!

I mentioned in my last post that I've been dealing with a lot of changes. Some big and have messed with me and little ones that just annoy me. There have been several wonderful changes too.

My baby brother's baby girl is turning one soon and my family was together to celebrate a wedding.

There was a time that it didn't seem that these moments would be possible. Having family separated by distance and sorrow is challenging. But, what a blessing when everything falls into place.

In the fall, my son will be going into high school, at my alma mater no less. I never thought kids and marriage were for me and now I have a teenager and a nine-year-old. I always knew it would be difficult. But, I wasn't prepared for how amazing it continues to be having these humans in our lives.

They are funny and smart. Kind and often exasperating, so full of endless love.

Here's a recap of the last two months thanks to the randomness of my Instagram posts.

PTA is pretty awesome.

I went outside my comfort zone and joined the PTA a few years ago. My heart is so full of peace thanks to the women involved. The dedication and commitment I have witnessed make me want to be a better person. 

High School Musicals are Cool

I took my youngest spawn to see her favorite musical - Mama Mia at the high school and it was really good. These kids are funny and talented. And, I wish I joined them when I was their age!


My son made his confirmation! I've been struggling with my Catholic faith for some time but witnessing him become confirmed and receiving communion was so beautiful. Until women are seen as equals and everyone is seen as God's children, I am not sure I can completely be part of the church. This saddens me to no end.

Another Cleveland Feis

I love watching my girl dance! And, every time she gets a little bit better. This time she practiced controlling disappointment and controlling emotions when her bestie placed at the Cleveland Feis and she didn't.


The kids and I put together a glass display case for the hubs' collectibles. It was a bitch! But, despite their reservations, it was done before their dad came home from work.

Classes of 2023 and 2028

Stop. Just stop. Time is going to fast.

Weddings are the best!

My nephew got married! And, the family came from all over to celebrate with them. Maybe I'll get married in the church just to get the family together!

Summer garden!

We planted a garden. I updated our milk crate garden to a raised bed garden. The fairies are happy.

Art and dance classes

Both my kids take Irish dance and both started at the Beck Center in Lakewood for different reasons. My oldest took acting and art. My daughter took ballet. Now, my son is back at the Beck for art and acting and my daughter is sticking with Irish dance. While at the Beck, we finally got to see what we've only heard about...

Duck. Tape. Festival.

If you ever get the chance to go to the Avon Heritage Duck Tape Festival, even if just to see the parade - do it! That's a giant chocolate coin made from duck tape.

Get out!

The kids have a few planned things this summer. As I said, one is taking art classes once a week. The other has dance one a week starting in July. One is heading off to her first, week-long away camping trip and the oldest will probably do acapella camp. Other than that, they are on their own. I'm making them explore our city, go to the pool, head off to the library, and veg-out! As long as they read and do their chores, it's their summer.

And, now that you are caught up, follow us on Instagram at @mryjhnsn or #eatplaylivecle.

What are you doing this summer?!?!

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