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Everyday Gym Essentials Busy Moms Will Love

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Everyday Gym Essentials Busy Moms Will Love

After months of lunchtime workouts, I think I've finally perfected my essentials list. I have exactly what I need for hitting the gym and getting back to work on time.

I want to be one of those people who can get up at the crack ass of dawn, but I'm not. After work is impossible. I like my family. I want to see them. Plus, there's dinner, homework help, and writing that needs to happen before bedtime.

When the YMCA opened its doors across the street from where I work, I was able to go to the gym. And, it's affordable compared to other gyms in the downtown area.

Getting in, out, and back to the office in sixty minutes or less became the new challenge.

But, I did it!

The following items help me on a daily basis to hurry the process and leave me feeling just as good as the workout.

Everyday Gym Essentials Busy Moms Will Love #FattoFit


I have long hair. It may be too long but I just can bring myself to cut it. My hair has to go back. I use to think that pulling it back was enough. It didn't take long to figure out that I was wrong about that.

The search for a headband began. I have had a few. I've tried the old fashioned terry cloth. I've used a bandana. I've bought one on a whim at CVS. I even got one from Amazon but was not a fan. Then I discovered Fitness Fox Headbands on Instagram. I even got one for my husband.

I was skeptical when I pulled the flimsy headband from the packaging. But, this sucker is ah-maze-balls. It has stayed in place through many workouts and washings. I rinse mine out in the shower while washing up. It hasn't lost its shape nor slipped during a workout.


I hate carrying a bath towel in my gym bag. It's big, bulk, and I forget to take it out when I get home. I was using a small microfiber towel to dry off with in the shower. I needed something better which is how I found Sunland Microfiber Towel Ultra.

Everyday Gym Essentials Busy Moms Will Love | Sunland Microfirber Towel

This sucker is big, dries me off quickly, and dries fast. As a bonus, this one comes in its own carrying case. Any large microfiber towel would be fine, but this purple 20-inch x 40-inch towel is only $7.99 on Amazon Prime.


Perfectly Posh's Snark Bar is wonderful! It has a texture to exfoliate your skin and shea butter to moisturize. This means I can skip the washcloth and lotion in and out of the shower. Plus, the smell is heavenly. But, I sell the products and love the body butter line so I don't skip the lotion. Besides, it's one moment out of the entire process that I feel pampered.


I don't wash my hair after a workout. It's long and would take forever to dry it with those puny hair dryers. Instead, I use wet fingers in the shower to redistribute the oils. Then comb it through with a wide tooth comb and if I have to, I'll spray it with dry shampoo.

If you really want to make life easier, look for a comb with a hook at the end. So much easier to hang it in the shower until I'm ready to use it.

Honorable mention goes to my gym bag. I've gone through two bags since April, so I broke down and bought a Thirty-One day tote from fellow blogger Kristen at Ready Set Parenthood. I'm pretty excited.

Do you have a few favorite gym essentials? 

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