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The Day We Didn't Go Apple Picking

The Day We Didn't Go Apple Picking (at Patterson's Farm)

Autumn is my favorite time of year. 

The crisp clean air and bright warm colors. Leaves changing and falling. Back-to-school and back to routine. All which pave the wave to change.

Change as in the harsh cold winter will be upon us and in a few short years, my kids will be going to college. Soon, they will not need me. They already don't need me to give them baths. They both can read and they have opinions. We have conversations and they, for the most part, get my dry humor.

Patterson's Farm

I don't filter my language anymore. I'm not worried that they'll repeat it to their teachers or strangers. One of my offspring frowns upon my use of certain words. Okay, he is downright appalled. The other has been using colorful language, in the right context, since her first word.

My kids are sweet and funny. They are annoying and frustrating, too, but I have hope that they will become amazing adults.

What does any of this have to do with apple picking?

I have never taken the kids apple picking. Out of the blue, last weekend, I decided to take them. The weather was nice. They like apples. The stars aligned.

Siblings deep in convesartion

We drove the thirty odd minutes to Patterson's Farm. Upwinding hills, down steep roads to where Google directed us to park. Looking around, we did not see an orchard. We saw a store, a playground, lots of gorgeous sky and greenery, but no orchard.

Pretty view of Chesterland, Ohio

My kids didn't care. They saw somewhere to play and explore. There is an overlook with a telescope to look out into the distance.

I still asked how to get to the orchard. The young man who was manning the registered told me as if I lived in the area. Thankfully, another employee came up at the same time and saved me from having to talk to him anymore.

Apples and dougnuts from Patterson's Farm in Chesterland, Ohio

The orchard wasn't far, but we'd have to drive. And, they were not picking honey crisp apples. The real reason for this trip for me. She must have been a mind reader. I didn't even tell her what I wanted.

View of wild flowers in Ohio

Thinking the kids didn't care about the apples, just the picking, they surprised me. They didn't care if they picked apples. There were places to explore and new things to climb on. There were new friends to meet. There was even apple slushies, apple dumplings, and oreo doughnuts.

I even got to sit and read for a good hour. I also resisted the temptation to eat the kids abandoned goodies while they played.

It was a perfect day. I can't wait to not pick pumpkins.

About Patterson's Farm via their website

Farming is our way of life. We are grateful for this lifestyle, which provides food for our community and a way to help families experience the way their food is grown.

We invite you to visit our two locations, not only as your source of high-quality fresh fruit, produce and gourmet fruit baskets but also to have some fun with your family, friends, and neighbors!

Located in beautiful Geauga County, our farm market is open year round to provide a bountiful supply of our crisp and tasty apple varieties, apple cider, maple syrup, fresh bakery, fresh fruits, and vegetables in season. You'll enjoy our gift area and find us the place to order apples for shipping or gift baskets for giving.
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