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What 7 Pounds Means to Me #RealYouYMCA

What 7 Pounds Means to Me #RealYouYMCA

I am participating in The Real You program courtesy of the Parker Hannifin YMCA to facilitate this conversation. All opinions are my own.

It's the end of week four of Real You Weight Loss Program at the YMCA!

242,235 steps, 25 days, and seven pounds are gone!

This is the first time that I've attempted to lose weight with diet and exercise. I hate working out and sweating.

I'm surprised to learn that I start to get anxious if I can't get to the Y by a certain time. Not because I don't want to go. In fact, it's the opposite. I want to get to the gym! This is an altogether new feeling for me.

I still don't love it. But, battle ropes are pretty awesome for getting rid of stress.

And, stationary bikes are pretty fun!

The hardest part, besides Denise's workouts, is being patient with myself.

It's so aggravating looking at pictures from just last October. I was losing and just gave up. I'm also not going to beat myself up about it anymore. That's what battle ropes are for.

Besides, I'm on the right track now. Plus, I only cried once while watching my husband eat a bacon stout brownie. I may have overreacted. But, allowing myself a little treat each day helps keeps the cravings (and crying) in check. Sometimes it's dark chocolate, sometimes it's a big bowl of fruit, and other days a glass of Guinness. It's just not all of it at the same time.

Finding the real me at the #RealYouYMCA

So, what do seven pounds mean to me?

Seven pounds means that I can ride 4.4 miles on a stationary bike and like it.

Seven pounds means my jeans are a little looser.

Seven pounds means I can take four flights and not be winded.

Seven pounds means that going through sugar withdrawal is paying off.

Seven pounds is like carrying a pineapple and a two liter of soda then putting them down.

Seven pounds is so close to ten pounds.

Seven pounds is not enough for other people to notice, but it's enough to get my butt into a yoga class.

Yoga, #RealYouYMCA, and me

Real You Weight Loss Program is offered at a Greater Cleveland YMCA near you!  

The Real You Weight Loss Program at the YMCA

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