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Plus Size Active Wear Essentials from Gordmans

Plus Size Active Wear Essentials from Gordmans

This is a sponsored conversation by Gordmans. Opinions are all mine. 

I've been a fan of Gordmans since they opened their stores in Northeast Ohio over a year ago.

I've struggled over the years to find clothes I like in my size. Gordmans' selection of plus size clothes covers all my many moods. From work to casual and even when I'm feeling a bit bohemian, I can find what I like.

It seemed a no-brainer to go to Gordmans for work out clothes, too. I checked the active wear line out online and had an idea of what I would be buying.

Plus Size Active Wear Essentials from Gordmans

Here are my essentials for a plus size workout

Capri Pants

Capri Pants at Gordmans
I'm all about the capri yoga pants. The fold down waist band covers my ass when doing all that crazy circuit training exercises and keeps me cool. How cute are the palm trees!

Sleeveless Top

Tank tops at Gordmans
As much as I hate my arms, I want to be able to move. However, I don't want to show off my back rolls. This is important for my own piece of mind and anyone who happens to be walking by me. I was surprised my how many shirts are open in the back. This is not the exact one I bought, but really close. It's a cotton and polyester blend and very soft.

Hooded Cardigan

Hooded cardigan at Gordmansback of lace hooded cardigan at Gordmans

I don't like to walk around with my arms exposed for too long (or at least until I feel comfortable) so a light hoodie that zips up is what I found. I don't get the lace back, but I thought I would live a little.

Sports Bra

Plus size sports bras at Gordmans
I was thrilled to find a sports bra that fit, kept me from flopping all over the place, and did not cost a small fortune. 

No Show Socks

Socks at Gordmans

Love no show socks! I'd rather go without then to wear anything higher. My ankles swell, I don't need a ring around them to show where my socks were.

Headband and hair ties

Hair accesories at Gordmans

I have really long hair and need both. Hair ties to keep it up and a headband to mop up the sweat. This one stayed in place the entire work out.

Yoga Mat

Yoga mat at Gordmans

Stretching on borrowed mats is just yucky.

A fun outfit to leave the gym in

Refused to Sink at Gordmans
This is the shirt that I really wanted, but my Gordmans did not have it. This is the first shirt that I've worn with words on it, that was not work or team sports related, since I was in the tenth grade. Hey, normal is boring.

Final thoughts


I am extremely happy with my choices from Gordmans and the money I saved. My entire purchase came to just under $100

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I'm disappointed at the selection of workout wear after seeing what was available in smaller sizes. I was looking for plain active wear with no frills and looks good.

Secondly, I question the need to make clothes sparkle and shine for fat girls or have cutouts and lace on the back. I'm also not a fan of 'Love' or 'No Self Control' on workout clothes. They didn't have that in the skinny section.

What are your active wear essentials?

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