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Tour Girl Scouts' Camp Timberlane With Us

Tour Girl Scout's (@GSNEO) Camp Timberlane With Us
This is a compensated conversation  by Girl Scouts of Northeast Ohio. Opinions are my own.

The school year is coming to a close. For Girl Scouts of Northeast Ohio, this means that camping season is almost here! We took our first year Dasy to Camp Timberlane's open house to see what it is in store.

Camp Timberlane is in Wakeman, Ohio which is about an hour west of Cleveland. We could not have asked for a nicer day. The sun was shining and birds were singing.

Canoes at @GSNEO Camp Timberlane

Paddle boats at @GSNEO Camp Timberlane

We opted to skip the hayride and walk the tour backwards. As we started on the tour, RD quickly made friends with an older troop as we walked past the lake. They looked after her and included her in many of the activities.

Making friends and touring at @GSNEO Camp Timberlane

The first stop on our tour was the Nature Center. Older Girl Scouts lead a "bird watching" scavenger hunt. They read clues to the visitors who had to use binoculars to find stuff birds hidden in the trees.

The Nature Center at @GSNEO Camp Timberlane

Bird watching at @GSNEO Camp Timberlane

Continuing along the trail, we checked out the pool and splash pad as we headed toward Stockard Lodge.

Pool at a distance at @GSNEO Camp Timberlane

Close up of pool and splash pad at @GSNEO Camp Timberlane

Stocker Lodge seats 125 for family style meals, has a commercial kitchen and a fireplace.

Stocker Lodge at @GSNEO Camp Timberlane

Edgewater Program Center is home to the health supervisor. The health supervisor is on site at all times and a registered nurse comes in once a day. Edgewater is also where the girls can take part in arts and crafts.

Arts and crafts at @GSNEO Camp Timberlane

Team building at @GSNEO Camp Timberlane

In the middle of our walking tour, we noticed the Observatory. Skilled volunteers and staff members help campers navigate the night sky.

The Observatory at @GSNEO Camp Timberlane

There are seven main units were campers sleep. Tall Timbers Tree House, Oak Cliff Tent Unit, Pinecrest Lodge, Hickory Ridge Troop House, Cherry Hill Troop House, Green Meadows Lodge. and the all new Yurt.

Yurt at @GSNEO Camp Timberlane
Bunk beds in the Yurt at @GSNEO Camp Timberlane

Inside the Yurt from all angles at @GSNEO Camp Timberlane

Cabin at @GSNEO Camp Timberlane

Inside on of the cabins at @GSNEO Camp Timberlane

Tall Timbers Tree House at @GSNEO Camp Timberlane
Tall Timbers Tree House

Tall Timbers fire pit at @GSNEO Camp Timberlane

Sleeping at Tall Timbers at @GSNEO Camp Timberlane

Looking out Tall Timbers at @GSNEO Camp Timberlane

Fun fact: All sleeping units are in a loop connected by trails. The premier trail is just over three miles long.

It took two hours to tour the camp and participate in the activities. This was just a glimpse into camp life and our Dasiy can't wait to go back. We caught the last hayride back to where we started and RD got to enjoy a snack with her adopted troop.

The girls who helped with the tour were all so wonderful and did a great job of including the girls who attended. They set such an excellent example for the other girls. I'm so glad that RD is in Girl Scouts. And, I'm looking forward to her first overnight trip at Girl Scouts of Northeast Ohio's Camp Timberlane.

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