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3 Ideas to Encourage PTA Membership, Maybe

3 Ideas to Encourage PTA Membership

I've never been much of a joiner and social settings make me uncomfortable. I've been making a conscious effort to become more sociable by doing little things like hosting potlucks, volunteering for school events, and joining the PTA.

Then I was asked if I wanted to run for a board position. I thought for sure they were kidding until it was a fact. The non-joiner is now membership VP in the PTA.

I was pretty intimidated by this job and was worried all summer.

Okay, not really worried, I put it out of my mind until July when we had our first meeting of the school year. A meeting where I spilled a glass a wine all over the person who was meticulously taking notes across from me.

Thankfully, it was a crappy wine and she took the accident in stride.

I'm actually enjoying working with the other members and I get to use my social media know-how. More than that, I get to be creative and flex my Canva muscles trying to come up with clever-ish ideas to encourage families to join the PTA.

Here are some of the ideas I've done so far, they are not guaranteed - yet. 

If you happen to have ideas that I can add to my arsenal, I will gladly take them!

The first event of our school year is Popsicles with the PTA. Kids and parents come to meet their teachers, bring their school supplies, and get a Popsicle. We also had a membership table and we handed out tootsie rolls and asked people to join.

Joining the PTA helps us ROLL through the year!
Joining the PTA helps us roll through the year!
Our PTA provides bottles of water for the teachers on the first day of school. By adding labels to the bottles with a Q code we are reminding teachers to join. They are the T in the PTA!

Water bottles for teachers - Teachers like you are refreshing!
Teachers like you are refreshing.

Teachers like you are refreshing!
Make your own - Printable with out the Q code

This may be the last one of these I can get away with this year, and I did this one twice, a small one with the form on the back and a half page with a form to fill out on the back.

Our PTA would SUCK without you!
Our PTA would SUCK without you!

What's really fun is to see the kids flock to the table for the sweets. I wonder if mini bottles of wine or whiskey would be more effective?

Next up, I'm going to attempt to drive membership with a dance party! Wish me luck!

Have you joined a PTA this year? 

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