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The Sims-tastic Birthday Party

A SIMS-tastic Birthday Party

What do you do when you have a kid who wants an obscure theme for a birthday party?

You wing it, of course.

My spawn loves to play The Sims. Yes, he is too young for it, but his grasp of social skills improved exponentially after he started playing it.

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The plan was simple, ice cream and cake with a few friends. Trying to keep the cost down, we decided to go to our favorite local ice cream shop. The most important thing for him was the cake. He wanted a diamond-shaped cake that resembled the diamond or more accurately, plumbob, that appears over the character that is in play in The Sims.

Malley's Ice Cream Shop

A diamond-shaped cake seemed easy enough, but I really was not sure how I would be able to pull it off. The last time I attempted a cake that I could not find instructions for did not turn out well.

While researching cakes, I discovered a trend of surprise-inside cakes. What if I was able to put the diamond on the inside? The closest kind of cake that I could find was from The Cake Blog and a diamond ring for an engagement cake.

The Cake Blog used I am Baker's book Surprise-Inside Cakes. I follow I am Baker on Instagram but had no idea that she had a book! FYI: I am Baker has The. Best. Instagram. Ever!

Back to my plumbob cake.

Making the filling for a plumbob Sims surprise inside cake

For the filling, I used a yellow cake with lots of pre-made green frosting mixed together like you do when you make a cake pop. I say you, since I don't make cake pops anymore. I did it once, it was a disaster and never tried again.

Are you sensing a pattern? My birthday cake and baking skills are either right on or way off base.

Back to the cake. I used the filling for inside the cake and also molded it for a plumbob on top of the cake. I did not trust my diamond inside to work so the plumbob on top was my backup decoration. It might not be a diamond-shaped cake, but there will be that damn plumbob somewhere.

Filling for a plumbob Sims surprise inside cake

Once I had a glass of wine and decided to just cut into the cake, I decided that I needed something to spin it on and since I'm not a baker, I don't have a spinning cake stand. I do have a warped pizza pan.

I cut out a cone shaped piece of cake from the center of both halves of the cake, then spread a layer of buttercream frosting on the bottom cake, formed the filling to fit into the center of each cake and put it together.

Next time, if there is one, I will just use thick frosting for the center. The cake inside did not stick in the first few pieces.

After I put the cake together, I frosted it with a crumb coat, put it in the freezer for about an hour, and frosted it again. There's a ton of frosting on that sucker.

Sim plumbob cake was a win!

I'm really proud of this cake, but the 15 scoops of ice cream pretty much stole the show.

Super sundae at Malley's

But, my birthday boy was eating my cake when the ice cream came which is why he is on the end of the table. Now that's a win.

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