Stupendous Science and Space at the Great Lakes Science Center. Plus Tickets Up for Grabs! #sponsored - iNeed a Playdate Stupendous Science and Space at the Great Lakes Science Center. Plus Tickets Up for Grabs! #sponsored iNeed a Playdate a Blog for Northeast Ohio Moms


Stupendous Science and Space at the Great Lakes Science Center. Plus Tickets Up for Grabs! #sponsored

We were provided with tickets to the Great Lakes Science Center as well as OMNIMAX to facilitate this post. Opinions are all my own. Giveaway does not include OMNIMAX tickets.

Situated on the shore of Lake Erie sits the Great Lakes Science Center. It is easy enough to find, once you spot the 150 foot wind turbine off the shoreway.  The wind turbine, with the help of the 300 feet of solar canopy, produces 6% of the power used at the Science Center.

Sheltered in the walls of this statuesque building lives hands on science for young and old alike.  It is one one of the nation’s leading science and technology centers housing the NASA Glenn Visitor Center, an OMNIMAX Theater, and at its pier, the Steamship William G. Mather.

Sure you may surmise that nothing fun can happen at a place of learning - okay maybe your kids might think that, but once you step into this stunning space they will know that something special happens here.  There is truly something to amaze from the space explorer to the scientist with hundreds of hands on exhibits as well as demonstrations set-up to capture imaginations.

When we arrived we decided to hit up the OMNIMAX first, sort of a get it out of the way thing.  This is not our first trip so I had a plan in mind.

It was so hard to pick a movie to go see and ended up letting the time dictate our choice of Island of Lemurs.  I was ecstatic but baby girl kept asking me which lemur was King Julian and which was Mort.

When it is time for the movie to start a beautiful voice starts sharing details about the theater.  The sound is so big and impressive that the kids spent most of the introduction with their hands over their ears.  I was a little concerned that they would not remove their hands but once the movie started they were so engrossed in the funny little faces that they completely forgot their original discomfort.

When the movie let out we headed to the Science Phenomena Floor.  Like I said, I had a plan and after they spent time here they would eventually find the Polymer Funhouse where we would stay until it was time for a Big Science demonstration which was being held near the special exhibit area featuring Wildlife Rescue (now till April 27), and once we saw that we would end the day in the NASA Glenn Visitor Center.

On the Science Phenomena Floor, the exhibits are all meant to be interacted with and figuring out how is part of the fun.  There are at least a hundred exhibits focusing on science, technology, and the environment.  My budding scientist loves weather, specifically tornados.

But he is also an artist so he he fascinated by light and color.

He was highly amused with the pulley system that let him "draw" and was surprised at hard it actually turned out to be to manipulate it.  Still it is a neat piece of work and is hanging on the fridge.

Even baby girl enjoyed getting her science on...

The Polymer Funhouse is meant for the seven and under bunch and has lots to stimulate the senses. Young scientists can climb, slide, bounce, build, hop and play with polymers. Surrounded by tons of colorful balls in the popular ball pit, baby girl sat at the wheel that takes buckets of balls to a huge thing suspended in the air that opens to release the balls when someone pulls a lever on the the other side of the pit.  It never ceases to amaze me to see kids who have never meet, work together to have balls dropped on themselves.

Kids can also climb into the light house and experiment with lenses, a periscope and telescope, play with a gear wall, and have fun with costumes in our dress-up area.  There is an outdoor area of water filled fun but it still just a tad bit cold, yet.

The Great Big Science demonstrations happen all over the museum.  Sometimes in the theater, sometimes in the NASA Glenn Visitor Center, and sometimes outside.  Being that it was way to cold they did it on the bottom floor, near the special exhibits, in front of these colossal windows overlooking the harbor.

We caught the CryoBlast Big Science Show.  The very colorful scientist used super cold liquid nitrogen to explain gases as well as soda pop and mentos.  It made for a very messy time which the kids loved!

The Wildlife Rescue explained all about what is being done to help animals survive the world we are building. There is an exhibit showing how animal crossings are being built under byways so they are safe from cars and another on how mama birds feed their young.  It is fascinating to wander around and see how birds are saved from oil and how sea turtles undergo cataract surgery.

Finally, the NASA Glenn Visitor Center which was originally located at the NASA Glenn Research Facility in Brookpark, Ohio.  Space fans can explore the outer limits all from the safety of the Science Center.

There is so much to do and see at this spectacular shrine to science and I am so elated to be able to offer four free tickets to the Great Lakes Science Center to one lucky winner.  Enter now via rafflecopter!

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