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A Regretful (I-X Indoor Amusement Park) Ride: Not so Cool nor so Fun

I received tickets in exchange for this review and was not compensated in any other way.  
Opinions are my own.

We recently had the opportunity to go to the I-X Indoor Amusement Park. Tickets provided to write a review. The kids had been looking forward to this event for weeks but fate was conspiring against us. Every time we planned to go, something would come up and we could not go. When we finally pulled up to the building I felt relief. We finally made it!

Bright lights, carnival music, yummy smells, and the promise of an evening of fun greeted us. This was going to be a day we remembered, unfortunately, we will be remembering it for all the wrong reasons.

The only ride the kids could not wait to go on was the Ferris wheel. They talked about riding it the entire way to the indoor amusement park. The. Entire. Way. It is the only ride they new they wanted to go on.

We climbed the steps to get into the unorganized, confusing, and crowded line for the ride. I looked to the Husband to see if he wanted to continue. He just shrugged. This seemed like a recipe for disaster.

We had stood in line for twenty minutes, only one group away from our turn when the group of kids in front got out of line. The kids had to go back down our line, past us and get into another line. This could not be good.

We were now next to get on the ride, but a frustrated employee told us that we had to get out of line and get in another line. Somehow, we were in the line meant for two or three riders.

There were different lines based on the number of people in line?!!? How could we know that!

There were no signs saying that there were special lines and nothing roped off! The employee even admitted that there were no signs. He still wanted the four of us to move back down the crowded stairs and get in another line. This was a joke.

The husband told the employee that we were not going to get out of the line to get back in another. He needed to do his job and put a sign-up.

The employee told my husband that he is going to kick his ass while using some pretty colorful language. Of course, the Husband responded using his words and the employee did not back away from him.

I never heard my husband raise his voice and never did he lay a hand on the employee. I can imagine what he said back to the employee was equally unpleasant, though. The employee kept running his mouth and profanities spewed forth.

The employee left and our family got on the ride but asked to get off just as fast as we sat down. And my husband was quickly escorted off by security. I tried to get the four-year-old off, while my son dragged his feet, and tried to explain that this was a mistake.

The employee who threatened us had called security.

I was so frustrated explaining that the wrong person was getting the blame and hauled off. I lost it. I was yelling as I explained they were taking the wrong person away.

At some point, the employee’s manager joined the security guards and I started to calm down. The manager immediately sided with her employee because she trained him. Of all the things to own up to! She should not admit that she trained that employee to behave that way.

There was no organization, no directions, and no way to know what was going on. It was unbelievably disorganized and the employees were incredibly rude. This may have been an isolated incident but I don't think that it was.

The sheriff was going to let us stay, as long as we did not go on the Ferris wheel. But, by then management made their decision and the gang unit had escorted my husband out.

The. Gang.  Unit.

Disheartened, I joined my husband who was waiting outside the indoor amusement park entrance. He was chatting with the police officers in the gang unit. They seemed like a nice group and were even sympathetic.

I am embarrassed that I lost my composure. The idea that this employee could be so belligerent, foul-mouthed, and rude just made me so angry. And, he was getting away with the bad behavior

Our trip ended with my husband escorted out, my son blaming himself for wanting to go on the ride and my four-year-old crying. Kicked out because an employee lied after threatening us. I am so glad I did not pay for the tickets or was there long enough to spend any money.

We can not be the only ones treated rudely by the staff. Maybe the only family to get kicked out. The employees working at the indoor amusement park need customer service training.

I did reach out to my contact who provided the tickets for us when this happened but I never got a response. And, it seemed pointless to file a complaint with the office.  I imagined nothing would come of it if I did.

I'm sure the kids would have had a great time. I know many other families who did have a wonderful time, unfortunately, our family did not.
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