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Kids Kickin' It at the Memphis @Kiddie_Park #atozchallenge

I feel like summer is whispering in our ears, kindling that need to be in the sun - that need to be kicking it at Kiddie Park and having some fun.

The Memphis Kiddie Park was founded in 1952 at a time when kiddie parks were popular.  Now, it is the only one of three that had opened in that time period and one of handful nationwide that is still successful. You can guess that I had gone here as a kid and it has been surreal bringing my children to Kiddie Park.

We have gone at least once a year over the last four years.  My son, has had an issue with loud noises since he was a toddler so he did not really enjoy the rides until he was about five.  My little girl however has been begging to get on the rollercoaster since could toddle and point.

Baby Girl's first rollercoaster ride - age 2
There are eleven amusement rides for the 48" and under crowd and three of them that anyone over the height restriction can ride.  This means baby girl got her wish to ride the rollercoaster when she was TWO, because I could ride it with her.  Yes, I ride the rollercoaster, the train, and with absolute delight - the Carousel.

Each ride is one ticket and you can buy them individually, by the strip, or the best buy is a book of 30 tickets plus some pretty decent coupons for discounts and free items in the concession stand.  Buying a book is really a great choice because the tickets never expire so if you don't use them you can come back again.

Besides the rides there is a miniature golf course.  Since my son out grew the rides, and can only ride the rollercoaster so many times, he and a friend can golf while my four year old can enjoy all of the rides.

The concession stand is pretty reasonably priced and you can get regular fair food from cotton candy to hot dogs.  I am that mom that packs snacks and we eat while we wander or find a bench. There is not a whole lot of shade, so bring water.

Kiddie Park also offers birthday party packages that are really reasonable and the kids get the run of the amusment park for two hours, a balloon, a box of popcorn and a drink.  Older kids can have a miniature golf party plus popcorn and a drink.

This is not just a family tradition but a right of passage.

Do you have a favorite Memphis Kiddie Park memory or of a kiddie park in your area?

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