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Jump, Jump, Jump! Where to Jump and Jive in Northeast Ohio #AtoZChallenge

Just mention the word, jump, to any (Northeast Ohio) kid and one of three places will come to mind - Pump It Up, The Jump Yard, or SkyZone.

These three places are the mecca of kid's birthday parties.  Getting invited to a party at one of these places you would think the kids got a golden ticket!

Pump It Up
I think Pump It Up is a great place to host a kid's party but, for me, it has to be a milestone.  We had our son's fifth birthday at Pump it Up, because it was the summer before kindergarten and he would not see most of his preschool friends again.  This was also the year his sister was born so we just wanted to make it extra special.

The cost was worth it since I did not have to clean my house before or after the party and Pump It Up was wonderful at setting up, keeping track, and staying on schedule.  It was fantastic!  I LOVED the staff that day.  To save money, I made the cake which I was allowed to bring in and we did the bare minimum for a goody bag, with school supplies on sale and it being August it was a perfect combo.  The party was a big success and every party we have gone to was fantastic!

Pump It Up does offer open jump times. We've only been to the one in Avon and I was so turned off by the open jump, I never went back.  Mind you this was a few years ago and it does seem you can reserve space on their website so this would entice me to go back but with reservations.

I took the kids during winter break and space is limited which meant a line, in the freezing cold, twenty minutes before it opened.  Parents were rude and cold and the staff was just rude. It probably would not have been so bad if we could have waited inside but that was not an option.  Needless to say, I have never felt the need to go back there but I am tempted to try the one in Middleburg Hts. and possibly Avon since I can reserve ahead of time.

Since Pump It Up events are mainly during the day it is perfect for young kids of stay at home parents or their caregivers.  Even their evening events are not great for working parents but would be worth it, if I left work early.

The Jump Yard

The Jump Yard is this jumbo place to jump and play.  It is a bright, jazzy joint and super clean.  There is a separate section for babies and toddlers, away from inflatables.  There is a section of inflatables just for preschoolers and little ones to use and there is a great, big section for everyone else to jump around in.  The place is pretty fantastic.

Jump Yard also has a concession stand and a "Parent's Patio" with free wifi plus you can see nearly every inch of the joint.

We went for a birthday party and have been itching to go back on one of there many special days.


Finally, SkyZone!  This is fairly new to the area and has not been open for a year, yet. SkyZone is the "it" place for jumping around.  It is wall to wall trampolines! Holy jumpin jehosaphat!

I have yet to have the pleasure but the Husband took the kids to a (wait for it...) birthday party and not only did he and all his six foot five self have a blast but so did the three year old.  Of course, my eight year old lost his mind jumping around and it is all he talks about when you mention SkyZone.  He declared wanting to have his next birthday there and I am probably going to say yes.

Where do your kids like to jump around?

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