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Dude, I'm an Adult!

Who knew being an adult would be so much fun!  I get to pay bills and have watermelon size babies fall out of who ha.  Don't even get me started on being a human pacifier never mind holding down a job while being one!  Oh, being adult can be so much fun.

I guess there are some truly wonderful things associated with being (well) over the age of consent.

My Top 5 Best Things About Being an Adult

1.  I don't have to follow (some) rules

For instance, I can't do a list of six.  I like lists of five.  It is a nice number and it is odd.  Odd lists are better, just ask John Cusack in High Fidelity (or my first post regarding top 5).  The only exception is when I am compensated  to do a list of ten.

2. I can lie without guilt

Of, course I do feel guilty but mostly it is just too damn hard to lie let alone keep track of the lies and the follow up lies.  Life is too short. Unless, I am lying to my children and then all bets are off.

3. I can still act like I am twelve

Just because I am over the legal age to drink does not mean I can't act like I am twelve from time to time and then turn around and have a nice big glass of "mommy juice."

4. Boy crazy takes on a whole new meaning

I get to have crushes and go see them take their clothes off under the guise of a girls night out - SCORE!

5. I get to do fun, crazy stuff that the teenage me would cringe at...

Such as drink wine naked, write trashy love stories and pull a plane for charity.

Mama's Losin' ItThe Prompt:

5.) List the 6 best things about being an adult.
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