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Oh, the Lies I Tell (well, top 5 today anyway)

As a child, lying was a past time of mine.  Goddess forbid I would ever have to lie and my life depended on it now, because I would probably fail.  My face will give me away along with my need to say the truth because, let's face it, lying is just harder.  You have to keep track and possibly build upon what you say.

I don't seem to have a problem lying to my children it seems and I can thank my mom for this talent.

My mom was very good at lying to us and making it sound convincing.  Instead of just saying "don't do (insert here)," she would make up a story.  For example:  "Don't go into the attic because alligators live there and will eat you."  My personal favorite and one that kept me awake one night while in high school because I thought it would really happen was, "Don't pop zits on your face, because you will die of a brain hemorrhage."

I blame her lies (or stories) on kissing the Blarney Stone.

I can't help but think it would be way easier to say, "You will get pox marks on your face if you pop a zit there and it will be ugly."  Or, "Don't go in the attic."  But, what do I know because I have found myself doing the same damn thing with my kids now.

I can't help but cringe and smile all at the same time.

My Top 5 White Lies to my Kids (so far)

1. That's Flavor

You know how when you get a glass of water from the tap and the water is a little foggy?  My son balked at the idea of drinking it until I told him, "it's extra flavor."

2. The (stupid, stupid, stupid) Christmas Elf is checking up on you

In an attempt to cover up the fact that I forgot to pack the (stupid) Christmas Elf up with the rest of the Christmas crap and my kid found it, I told him that he was back to make sure he was still being a good boy.  Sadly, it was not even the stupid elf they sell but an elf I bought for baby girl but she was scared of it.  I hid it behind a pillow when I realized just how scared she was of it and when my son found it he thought it was the freakn' Christmas elf... who am I to dash his dreams?

3. I don't smell anything

In response to the question, "what's that smell!" coming from the car next to us.  I will leave you to imagine what the smell was that was billowing out of the car windows.

4. It's Mommy juice

My response as to why he can't have what ever is in my rocks and/or wine glass.

5.  The fishes will eat your toes

My first lie to Baby Girl when she wanted to go an extra foot out in to the lake and I wanted to go back to my book on the blanket.

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