FlipFlop Wine's #FlippinGoodDeeds Blogger Challenge Wrap Up - Is it the end of the line for us? - iNeed a Playdate FlipFlop Wine's #FlippinGoodDeeds Blogger Challenge Wrap Up - Is it the end of the line for us? iNeed a Playdate a Blog for Northeast Ohio Moms


FlipFlop Wine's #FlippinGoodDeeds Blogger Challenge Wrap Up - Is it the end of the line for us?

So here we are, coming to the end of the Flippin' Good Deeds Challenge.

It seems like just yesterday that ADHicken (Clue into Cleveland) and I announced our involvement and launched the challenge to our friends, family, blogs and community.

We have tweeted and wrote posts begging for shoes.  We shared the growing number of shoes that we were accumulating in pictures and in video.  And, we had a small party to end it all at Mullen's on Madison.

Speaking of the party ... It was great!  Special thanks to Heather Adams, Scentsy Independent Consultant and The Cuyahoga Group for their donations to our raffle and, of course, to the wonderful Mike Mercer for letting us gather at Mullen's.

Top right:  Amanda and her Husband, Directly below them: me and my Husband, Top right: Me and Chrissy from MyGotFam.  Bottom left:  Amanda and Julie from WearingMascara.  Bottom right: various awesome friends who brought shoes.
I would post a picture or two of all the boxes and boxes and boxes of shoes that were packed up and shipped to the Soles4Souls warehouse. But, I was up against a deadline and the UPS gal was taking eight fairly heavy boxes away.  (Our second shipment of shoes, by the way.)  I needed to be sure they were ready to go so - I forgot to document the occasion.

I did, however, reach out to the brilliant Chrissy (yes, the same as above from MyGotFam) who happens to be an amazing graphic designer and asked her to recreate the scene for me to share.

Here I am, sorting, counting,  tying laces, rubber banding and pairing shoes together from seven very full bags that were donated by those who work in the Penton Media Building as well as many boxes and bags from the office we work and the party, of course!   I also happened to collect dozens of shoes from my super amazing PSR class as well as other classroom.
Jennifer Aniston is playing me in this reenactment

So many, many shoes were collected!

Here is Amanda (played by Courteney Cox) bringing even more shoes!

And the grand total of shoes collected for the Flippin' Good Deeds Challenge sponsored by FlipFlop Wines is.... 

wait. for. it...

473 shoes that have been shipped off to Soles4Souls.

That came to 14 boxes ranging in weight from 8 pounds to 30 pounds of every type of shoe imaginable from new shoes to dirty old shoes and from baby shoes to very high, very pink pumps.

I bet you are wondering if we won?  Or, if not won, at least made the top 5?  Is this the true end to the blogger challenge...

You will have to hop over to Clue into Cleveland to find out.

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