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Catholics are not Allowed to Like Gospel

“What do you have against Gospel music?” he said, shocked that I would actually admit to not liking Gospel music.

“I have nothing against it,” I explained with a shrug, “I just don’t care for Gospel music. Why are you surprised by this?”

“Well, you know, isn't your husband… Baptist?” he said, with that overly casual tone. 

He shifted uneasily in his seat, trying not to appear as uncomfortable as he clearly was as our conversation took on a more serious tone.



“Besides, being Catholic, we are not allowed to listen to Gospel music.”


“Yep, it is written in the bylaws. It is right on the list of things not to do like attend a church that is not Catholic and committing suicide.”

I could see the wheels of his Catholic educated mind turning, trying to recall that moment in school where one of the nuns or maybe a priest may have told him that we, as Catholics, don't listen to Gospel.

I was trying so hard not to laugh out loud.  Trying to stay as solemn as I could, I
stifled my giggles. Honestly, how can he not see I was not being serious?

“You're kidding?” he replied, still trying to figure out if I was really serious.

“Yes,” I said. “Yes, I am.”

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