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Invisible Tattoo

He looked her over as she slept. His eyes traced her form, obscured slightly by the sheet.

What had started on the stairs, finished in the guest room they were staying at for this impromptu rendezvous. He looked out into the night, recalling how they had fought and then made up. But, in just a few hours, life will return to normal when they board the plane to go home, separately.

That is in a few hours, he thought, as he mindlessly traced an invisible tattoo on her back. Repeatedly going over the lines, he imagined on her body, hoping to wake her. He let his fingers push the sheet further away from her body. He wanted to see all of her but felt guilty wanting to wake her for his own need.

She stirred but did not wake, she smiled in her sleep. He knew that smile. That smile she gave him when she was ready. That smile that made him hot and his heart beat a little faster.

How did it come to this? Wanting to possess someone so completely, this was foreign to him and he occasionally felt lost in these new feelings.

Tracing the letters M-I-N-E on her back, he knew that he wanted no other. He could still see the word on her skin as if he had tattooed it to her, but her skin was just as flawless as when he had started.

He wanted her again. He felt the need for her rising as he lowered his head to kiss her. Was that a sigh or a purr? He took it as encouragement and kissed her again, softer then before; waiting for her response. She moved closer to him, whispering, “Don’t stop.”

He had no intention of stopping - not now, not when they returned to reality.

This week, write a piece – fiction or creative non-fiction – in which a tattoo figures prominently.   Explore the many facets of tattoos: why someone would get them, what the meaning was, what the tattoo says about them.

Word limit was 300.

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