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Product Review: Here We Go #Heelys, Here We Go!

I received a pair of Heelys for this post from the company as part of a Busieness2Blogger campaign but was not paid for the opinions - they are 100% mine or in this case, ours. 

I am not going to lie... when the opportunity to review Heelys came up, I was going to get them for myself.  Then the first grader saw what I was looking at and all hope of that was dashed.  

He wanted a pair.  
He was in awe of the website and the videos and the shoes and he just knew he can heely, too!  sigh. 

I relented and unselfishly allowed him to pick a pair of Heelys for himself. 

Yeah, not really - I let him "pick" from the list of HX2 shoes all under the guise of him choosing a pair of Heelys.  The HX2 have two wheels instead of one and promote a safer way to learn to "heely."

Are you feeling like I am speaking a foreign language?  

Never fear!  I am here to tell you that Heelys are not all that foreign.  In fact, after having them for a few weeks I think they might actually be safer then roller skates and inline skates for my uncoordinated little man.  

The Husband is still convinced that these shoes with wheels will lead to a trip to the emergency room but I am pretty confident that A. we have a kid that is scared enough to be careful until he gets the hang of it and B. it is not like he he has four wheels and can't walk when it is time for walking.  Besides, the wheels pop out!

Still wondering what the heck I am talking about?
Heelys are the two-in-one shoe that lets you take life at your own pace. With the wheels out, the stylish designs perform and look just like any other shoe. When you easily put the wheels in, you roll at a different speed. Heelys are about exploring your freedom, unleashing the fun and empowering you to be fearless. 
The website is definitely geared to the young and hip; which is what got the first grader's attention in the first place but the videos are helpful and even *gasp* cool to watch.

The videos have helped me explain how the first grader is suppose to use the shoes and they enforce the safety rules.  They even provide a Playbook to print out for added reinforcement.

What I liked best about the videos...  they wear knee pads and helmets in them to show that even the best heely skater respects safety.

In fact, the day I took pictures I had left his knee pads and helmet in the other car so he would not demonstrate the shoes for me but would model for me - he is such a good sport.

The first grader gives his Heelys a thumbs up and so does mom... they are well made and I love that we can take the wheels out and they are normal shoes.  When he is ready for one wheel - out it comes and he can heely on one wheelie (could not resist).

Like I said earlier - he would not really skate with out his helmet (love my kid for that) but he wanted to say how much he liked them and then got nervous and then the baby wanted to get in to the video so... I'm including the video because he is so darn cute!  And I did not prompt him in anyway, hence the rambling about rubber wheels and sending you to the website.  Such a good boy he is!

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