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The Who to Hang with Award for April!

Last month, I was given a Stylish Blogger Award and thus was born... the Who to Hang with Award!  To check out the original post and to see who my top favorite bloggers are from March's Tailspin Hop 

I am sure you are waiting on the edge of your seat to see who my top 5 picks to follow are for April's Tailspin Hop  so without further fanfare...

It's Your Journey is the Olive Parent's tag line and she does a wonderful job of helping to educate and inform those who are on the path of natural, home birth and breastfeeding.  Olive Parent has a directory, a page dedicated to finding more information elsewhere and of course she writes about it.  Hannaxor, as she is known on twitter, should know a little about the subject she has 7 children!  Where she finds the time to blog I will never know.

The Mean Girl Diaries is witty and funny and I love her confidence!  Case in point: Hey, Dirrrrty!  MG also writes poetry and takes pictures, especially of her darling little girl.

Have Sippy Will Travel

Have Sippy has product reviews but not just any product reviews!  As far as I can see the bulk of them are toy reviews!  Who doesn't love toys?  That is why we had kids right?  Watch cartoons with out judgement and play with their toys?  Honest and down to earth is the best way to describe this wonderful blogger.  She is even sharing her weight loss story and is an inspiration to those of us (well, me) who are trying - Before and After Photos (weight loss).

I must admit, it was the owls and  Hootie Hoot's title that drew me to her site but it is her clever writing that makes me stay.  She is even taking the A to Z Challenge and her ability to come up with interesting topics for each letter is wonderful!

BWS tips button
Little Boys are Made of... is one of favorite blogs to read and I do so religiously (and not because she featured me, either). Besides the Friday Spotlight feature she also has an on going  series of posts that highlights one activity to do with baby. She is up to #76.

There you have it!  Be sure to follow them and tell them I sent you!  Later tonight. the new linky will be unveiled for May and if you would like to be considered for this prestigious award please be sure to join and then follow your hosts -  if you don't comment I won't know who you are...

note: This award was given to the above mentioned bloggers all in good fun and... totally meaningless, unless of course you are one who received my award and then it is priceless. I am sure all winners will want to grab the button so go for it!  You do not have to pass this to anyone.  And for those who want to check out all of April's links... They are worth it!  Each.  And.  Every.  One.

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