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Hey, I have a blog... Verbal Vomit

I have so many thoughts going through my head and no one to share it with at this exact moment.  Then I remembered - hey, I have a blog!  
So here we go... 

I am on weight watchers and have been doing it now for several weeks and despite the inches lost and going down a dress size... I have only lost ten pounds.  This actually gives me a bit of hope - I won't have to lose a big number (pound wise) and I will be able to fit into the jeans that I started my job in four years ago.

I spend part of my working day sitting on a balance ball and swear it has helped me with my core... it is also the most actual exercise I do in a day, lately.  How do I get activity points you ask?  I clean my house - 30 minutes is 2 points!  Playing with the kids for 10 minutes is 1 point!

I ate so much this weekend that instead of logging all the food I ate I took the number that I had after logging what I remembered and then add 10 more points to that number and logged the number; not the food.  sigh.  I am still within my weekly extra points but... still not good.

I blame it on Aunt Flo.

It also did not help that the Kindergartener made me breakfast on Saturday and Sunday and he was so proud of getting up and getting the box of pop tarts down, toasting them and then presenting them on a plate.  sigh.  Of course they are the Hot Fudge Sunday Pop Tarts that are worth 6 points and I would have to eat six to feel full.  Ha!

btw...  Did you know that you can have your face on a box of PopTarts!  I am so ordering one for my son's birthday.

I was also out of coffee this weekend and actually drank the instant that I bought for my mom and forgot to take it to her... I understand the point to Starbucks VIA, now.

I don't have an opinion on the whole Bin Laden thing other then I support our military and "Here’s the guy who unwittingly live-tweeted the raid on Bin Laden."

I hate reading anything on Parenting.com because you have to click so many freaking times to see the whole article so I very, rarely go to this website - that said, this is funny! Totally Weird Baby Products.

I am going to be in Blog Bash 2011!  June 22 - 26! 

And the company I work for, PR Newswire, has been kind enough to give away something!  I love my company and my boss so I am really excited that I get to participate and get to give something away that promotes two of my favorite things!

I bought three lottery tickets today.  This is not something I usually do - ever.  This is random and completely impulsive. If I win, I am not telling anyone.  No one.  You will know because I may mention that I am blogging on a new computer, that works and is new. Must be all three if I win.  Yes, I mentioned new twice and counted it twice.  I have a shitty computer now.  You may also be able to guess if I mentioned that I bought a house or an iPad or iPhone.  I currently do the bulk of my promoting via my Touch and on occasion, blogged on it... I do not recommend it.  I accidentally deleted the middle portion of a blog post recently and had no clue what I had originally wrote. 

I won a Vitalicious Super Sampler Review & Giveaway from Granny Loves Gift Baskets.  Beyond excited to get this in the mail!  Great to snack on and weight watchers friendly.  I first learned of these on Hungry Girl (before she got famous(er)) and I still eat them!  Yummy!

Eucerin Aquaphor Healing Ointment, 14 Oz (396 G)My right nipple is so chapped and sore from baby that I cry every time she latches on to me.  It started when she bit, and drew blood.  I have been in pain for the last several days.  Then only thing that helps is Eucerin Aquaphor Healing Ointment. I cry. every. single. time.

So there you have it my verbal vomit for today - maybe this whole month.

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