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The mind of the toddler me

Why do they take me outdoors just to leave me in a play pen?

I could be home in my play pen and not camping.

And why do these little black bugs keep biting me?

Hey, whats that?

Is that a kitty?

A pretty kitty with a bushy tail?

I WANT to pet the kitty!

Pet the kitty!

Here kitty, kitty... Come here!


Oh, here's daddy!

He must smell my dirty diaper!

Funny don't feel like I need a change but something smells funny...

Daddy, see pretty kitty?

See the kitty.  Right.  There.  There.

I want to pet the kitty!

Here kitty, kitty here kitty, kitty he-

Daddy why we standing where you eat?

Too high! You're crushing me! I-want-to-pet-the-kitty!

Pretty kitty!

Bad kitty?

Bad kitty?

Daddy says bad kitty?



Don't worry daddy I swat the bad kitty away...

Daddy?  Why are we running?

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