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Inspired by Instagram: POP Fit Clothing

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Inspired by Instagram: POP Fit Clothing

I've been trying really hard to get to the gym. The hardest part is finding clothes that are practical, fit, and affordable. Oh, and look good!

It's certainly gotten easier for fat girls to find nice looking workout clothes. The challenge for me is finding ones that aren't too trendy. The sheer panels are weird. I am not a fan of crazy patterns. And, I prefer capris. Oh, and I want a pocket.

I'm not asking for much - right?

Scrolling through Instagram, I came across POPfit Clothing. I had seen it several times and scrolled right by it.

I like POP Fits' Instagram and Facebook ads. All types of women, in all sizes and shapes being sassy in their workout gear. There was a lot of mesh so I would keep scrolling.

Inspired by Instagram: POP Fit Clothing

Then, I tore the inside of my favorite workout capris.

All of a sudden those ads promising a free pair of leggings didn't seem to have as many sheer ones as I had originally thought.

Plus, by signing up for the monthly subscription, you get a second pair for free. Well, the cost of shipping which was $14.99. Two pairs of leggings for under 20 bucks is a good deal however you look at it.

I accidentally purchased an XXL instead of the XXL for one of my pairs. Since I just started working out again, I went with the XXL pair first.

Right out of the package my impression wasn't good. The material is heavy and sort of rubbery. That changed when I put them on! They are super comfortable. No matter which way I bend or stretch, they don't move out of place or bulge. I don't even mind the little bit of sheerness. The don't feel rubbery.

These are the first pair of full-on leggings I've worn to the gym. And, it wasn't too terrible. It's winter, so the heavy material keeps my legs warm at 4:30 in the morning. I think they may get too hot in the summer for working out in. But for winter and spring in Cleveland, they are pretty fantastic.

The XXL fit fabulous, too! I hate my gym jiggle and they are snug enough that I don't feel like jello.

I've canceled the subscription.

Actually, I paused it twice since ordering my first two pair.

The monthly subscription is $30.

The leggings are certainly worth it. The fabric moves with me, seams lay flat, nothing rubs or itches. And, there are POCKETS! Big pockets that hold my cell phone. Bonus, my phone hasn't fallen out either.

But, $30 a month for leggings are out of my price range since I only wear them to work out in. And, the plus sizes are limited. Unless you really like mesh. I do not. Right now there are just two tops in XXL and none in XXL. No bras either which deters me from wanting to try them again until the spring when the new line comes out.

I may 'subscribe' again to be a POP VIP member in the spring if capris are offered. There is a monthly discount for being a member and if you stick with it - gifts. Monthly is hard to imagine. Maybe quarterly...

Penelope w/ pockets
Black / Burgundy / Size XXXL

Both pairs are flattering to my body. I didn't think I would like it to be high waist but I was pleasantly surprised to find how comfortable they are to wear daily for workouts. I've worn them once to do errands, but I don't feel good wearing any type of leggings out and about. That said, I was warm and comfy, despite my personal discomfort.

I really dig POP Fit leggings and would definitely recommend trying them out.

Have you ever purchased something from Instagram or Facebook?

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