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Taylor Swift, First Concert, and Making HERstory

Taylor Swift Reputation Stadium Tour Cleveland, Ohio @mryjhnsn

My daughter and I attended her first concert this past summer. Well, as I often remind her, the first concert she remembers.

Her first concert was Lilith Fair when she was three months old. And, Lilith Fair is the type of concert I had expected to take her to again. I was not expecting to take her to see Taylor Swift. When I was offered the tickets, I think I sprained my eyeballs. I knew she wanted to go and they were free tickets from a friend.

Taylor Swift, First Concert, and Making HERstory

In my head, I was going to surprise her. The Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame was doing a pre-party so I told her we could go and maybe we would get to hear the concert.

Her dad totally let it slip out that she was going. She played along until I pulled out the tickets. So annoying! But, she didn't hide her excitement as well as she thought she was doing.

Taylor Swift's concert was in Cleveland Brown's stadium. Our seats were so far up, I swear we could have touched the sun. It's very humbling to look out on to this sea of people coming together with the sun setting over the lake.

Taylor Swift Reputation Stadium Tour Cleveland, Ohio @mryjhnsn

I've never been so high up for any event at the stadium.

I had little hope for this concert.

By the way, this was my first stadium concert. I'm used to small venues and outdoor seating or just closer to the stage. We had a great view of a jumbotron. And, the sun setting.

Cleveland Browns Stadium at sunset

Then, the opening act started and it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be for being so far away. I even knew the words to some of the songs.

When the second act came out, I was really getting into the concert mood. I love live music. And, I was starting to realize that I don't really have to be so close.

All of a sudden, the sun dipped behind the stadium, darkness fell, and a hush rippled through the crowd until the music started. A collective cry of cheer was released and Taylor started her show.

I was totally caught up in the excitement and music. Watching my daughter dance and sing almost brought me to tears.

Watching other women and girls laugh, dance, and sing to this woman singing on stage was awe-inspiring.

Taylor Swift chatted throughout her performance as if she was talking to a room full of friends. She was so sincere and grateful, that I finally get Swifties. And, I am one, too.

Taylor Swift Reputation Stadium Tour Cleveland, Ohio @mryjhnsn

I've never given Taylor Swift much thought. I've seen some interviews and she was delightful. I always respected how she reached out to her fans. And, I didn't hate her music. I just prefer to listen to just about anything else. It's not like she is lacking fans.

Taylor Swift Reputation Stadium Tour Cleveland, Ohio @mryjhnsn

But, her concert changed my opinion of her music. And, her touching statement to her fans about voting, registering to vote, and how necessary it is to make our voices heard has made me an eternal fan.

I listen to her Reputation album twice through on the ride home from the concert. And, not because I live far from the stadium. During the normal rush hour, it takes me 25 minutes to get home. There were that many people in downtown Cleveland just for her concert. This gave me ample opportunity to really listen and - enjoy. I've pretty much listened to it every day for a week after and whenever the kids want to hear it now. And, I have a few songs made my playlist.

Taylor Swift Reputation Stadium Tour Cleveland, Ohio @mryjhnsn

Besides her music and the stand he took against sexual harassment (in court!), she motivated so many young people to register to vote. Today, I went on her website and bought the concert t-shirts that we could not afford to get the day of the concert.

I am so happy that my daughter's choice of music brought me to appreciate not only a strong role model but also to bring my playlist a little closer to the current decade.

I can't wait to see Taylor Swift's next concert!
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