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Grilled Cheese, Spring, and Game Night

By day, I am office manager of a pretty amazing office. And, my boss lets us do some really fun things, especially when trying to raise money for a cause.

Currently, we are raising money for a family who suffered a loss. To shake things up and to celebrate America's best sandwich - I made grilled cheese.  Actually, I made over 57 grilled cheese sandwiches.

I prepped the bread with butter the night before while baking cookies to go with the lunch.

And, The Cuyahoga Group donated soup and chips so more of the profits went to the family!

Let's just say, this is one of my favorite fundraising ideas we've done.

Host a Grilled Cheese Party - so easy!

Spring! Where are you!

It's crazy that this is what my drive is like in the middle of April.

Where are the daffodils? Where are the lilacs? Please, no more snow!

Game night is always spontaneous in our house. I wish I was a better planner, but there is always so much fighting when it comes to some games and hurt feelings with others.

What we can all agree on is Uno! And the customize your own card can be wildly fun, especially with erasable pens.

We also discovered a new use for the lazy susan in the middle of our dining room table!

Yes, friends, no more reaching across the table. Just spin, spin, spin!
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