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How to Host a Super Girl Birthday Like a Wonder Woman

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How to Host a Super Girl Birthday Like a Wonder Woman

My baby turned seven! She is a big fan of D.C. Superhero Girls. Her favorite is Super Girl, but she was in awe of Wonder Woman in Superman vs Batman. I wasn't surprised when she announced she wanted a superhero birthday party. 

Last year, she wanted a spa party which was easy to host in our home. A superhero party needs a super place. There are so many great options from jump zones to gymnastics sites. Inspired by the jungle gym at a local McDonald's we had it there. 

The size of the play area is impressive and there is an enclosed party room with a door to the play area. They can't get out!

Party like a Superhero + Free printables

Come prepared 

McDonald's offered a lot of items for goodie bags, games, and things to do while they waited. I don't think this McDoanlds host many parties because nothing was ready when we arrived. This was not a problem. I had goodie bags and decorations covered. We also came a half hour early to set-up. 

How to Host a Super Girl Birthday | Table Ideas

While I covered the tables, the Hubs started hanging decorations. I had pre-filled the candy centerpiece dishes so it was quick to put the room together.

Read about our trip to b.a. Sweetie for party candy!

How to Host a Super Girl Birthday | Candy centerpiece

Keep it simple

I love browsing Pinterest and blogs for ideas, but not to recreate. Maybe to do on a smaller scale. I'm more an Amazon Prime mom. I found a DC Superhero photo booth prop kit that saved time making props! Also made for great photo opportunities. 

How to Host a Super Girl Birthday | Photo prop fun

I planned for one game. A DC Superhero Girls game - pin the emblem on the superhero. We didn't play the game. It made for a cute decoration. Between ordering food, eating lunch, playing, and a special appearance from a friend, well, it didn't happen. Also, we had twice as many kids than stickers that came with the game. Sometimes you got to let go. 

The kids did make superhero masks as they waited for other guests to arrive. I gave out their goodie bags at the start and each bag had a label for them to write their name on the bag. A superhero label of course.


Hiring entertainers for a party is a fantastic option. We saved money by having the party at McDonald's so the cost was in line with other parties we've had for our kids.

Finding a female superhero or even villain though was the challenge.

Ohio Princess Party's Wonder Woman | iNeed a Playdate

I found our superhero woman through Thumbtack. With Thumbtack, you answer a few questions, submit your request and get bids from pros. I use it a lot for work, but this was my first personal request. This company was the only response I got to fit our theme.  Worked out perfectly!

Our character was wonderful! She has a Linda Carter look and was patient and kind to each child. I could not have been happier. Oh, the kids loved her, too.

RSVP + Food choices

This is the first time we had something other than pizza at a party. I learned a very important lesson - ask ahead of time. Our one-party helper was not able to handle all the kids' orders. 

I recommend limiting options and taking orders when they RSVP. I can't stress this enough. Limit drinks to milk or juice box and everyone gets apples. Helping to figure out the food left no time for me to enjoy Wonder Woman.

How to Host a Super Girl Birthday | Wonder Woman at McDonald's

Also, write the kids' names and orders on labels ahead of time so when the food is ready you can slap the bad boy on the box. It will also lessen confusion later when kids want to take food or Happy Meal toy home. 

At the end of the party, everyone was happy, full, and excited to have met Wonder Woman. I went home and took a nap.

Bonus - Free Printables!

How to Host a Super Girl Birthday with free printables

I created everything on Canva and printed it with Avery!

How to Host a Super Girl Birthday | Edit this Superhero Invite
Use the template on Canva

Free Printable DC Superhero Candy Bar Signs
Print these fun signs - free!

Free Printable or Edit in Canva Superhero Tags
Print these labels or use this Canva template

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