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3 Exercises to Help Stop the Leak #TENATips

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3 Exercises to Help Stop the Leak #TENATips

Kids and weight gain have played havoc on my body. There were days when I wondered whose skin I was wearing. Nothing worked the way it should from my emotions to my bladder.

Yes, my bladder. Stress incontinence means I pee when doing certain activities like laughing, coughing, or yoga. Not on purpose, it just happens. I’ve also noticed an increase when I’m constipated. Boy, am I sharing a lot.

A few months ago, I started working on me. I’ve lost a little weight and now exercise on a regular. I also had a serious discussion about the wee problem I’ve been having with my doctor.

Apparently, being over-weight and having kids weakens everything especially the walls that help keep pee in. Losing weight, eating better, and doing specific exercises has decreased accidents.

Nighttime is a different story. Not knowing when leaks could occur plus sleeping makes for a problem. I just want to go to sleep, confident that I won’t leak.

I found TENA® incontinence products at my local CVS. TENA has a complete line of incontinence products from liners, overnight pads, to overnight underwear.

TENA at CVS.com

Best of all, I don't feel uncomfortable going in a grabbing a package. It's drugstore! CVS staff is always courteous and professional. Plus, printed on the receipt is a reminder that TENA is eligible for FSA.

The overnight pads are a perfect fit for my XXL butt. I went to bed secure in the fact that the Hubs won’t know and I won’t leak.

Taking care of business

As I strengthen my body, I work on all muscles including the ones that line my pelvic floor. I can now sneeze without peeing. And now, I’m sharing three of my favorite exercise. As a special treat, I’m modeling the poses - be kind.

3 Exercises to Help Stop the Leak

3 Exercises to Help Stop the Leak at CVS #TENATips

The Bridge

Yoga to help your pelvic floor. This my favorite of them all, because it actually relaxes me.

The Bridge #TENATips for a stronger pelvic floor

Wall Squats

The hardest, but most effective in a dozen ways. I do better holding the ball. Gives me something to concentrate on.

Wall squats  #TENATips for a stronger pelvic floor


Tried and true. Nothing beats the original method to strengthen and tighten. Concentrate, hold, concentrate, release, and repeat. I'm doing them right now.

Kegels  #TENATips for a stronger pelvic floor

The exercises help but having TENA as a backup keeps me feeling fresh and secure. I know embarrassing leaks won't happen.

Check out your local CVS or CVS.com for TENA® incontinence products and keep feeling confident with protection for the Unexpected Leak™.

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How do you stop the leak?

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