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Everything is Awesome

Sitting in the dark theater, I feel a little hand search for me. I look over to see her snaggletooth grin. She was just making sure I was still there.

I don’t take the kids to the movies. That’s what daddy does but I really wanted to see the Lego Movie. The kids saw it while I sat with my mom, one last time, and today I really wanted to forget the world and go to the movies.

As we drove, my son realized we were going to the same place that shows movies on the lawn in the summer. Despite the freezing temperatures, he was convinced that if I was taking them to the movies then it must be outside and not in an actual theater. I saw he was serious when he asked where we would get popcorn since I did not make it ahead of time.

I told him we were stopping to buy popcorn and waited till he figured out that we would also be seeing the movie in the warmth of a movie theater.

I am that mom that uses her purse to pack snacks and juice boxes but today, we splurged. Well, the kids splurged. They even got slurpees - coke and blue raspberry and cherry mixed with blue raspberry. When did they install a slushie machine?

I let them pick the seats and we settled in to watch the previews. The lights were dim enough that I could see the look of joy on their faces as images flashed before us. Listening to Baby Girl chat about some movie she wanted to see, we both stopped when we heard a shriek and felt something spray us. A little one lost control of his soda and the impact was felt for several rows. This is probably why daddy takes them to movies not necessarily meant for kids.

Our impromptu shower was forgotten as the movie started and when the Everything is Awesome song started, Baby Girl had to jump out of her seat, waving her hands in the air and shaking her booty. I’ve seen her break into dance before but never like this, never.

Half way through the movie, that they have seen, they were done with their kiddie popcorns and thought I would get more. Well, my oldest thought I would get more when his was finished and was sneaking popcorn from his sister who started complaining loudly once she figured it out. Lucky for me, the movie distracted them from my lack of planning. I was not running to fetch more popcorn.

When the movie ended, Baby Girl danced us out to the aisle, down the stairs and all the way out of the theater singing, “Everything is awesomeeeee and so am I!”

Everything is awesome.

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