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Watching Planes: The Best Advice My Parents Gave Me

My mom was one of those moms who never talked about sex or masturbation and goodness gracious she never even swore, until my dad died. I was a freshman and he died of cancer.

After he died, she just did not care anymore and she shared way too much with me and she even started cussing like a sailor.

One thing that stayed the same was her promise to go on any date, if I was ever asked. My parents had been telling me that since I was a small child. If I went out on a date, my mom would come along with us. I could picture me and guy in the front seat at the drive in and my mom poking her head up from the backseat. They said it so much and so often that I truly believed them.

 I never dated in high school.

I was told that if I was to actually make it out on a date, on my own, I should be careful and not let him take me to the airport to watch the airplanes. Apparently, when a guy says he wants to watch the airplanes at the airport that really means he wants to neck.


Yes, neck.

For years I thought that boys were the foulest things on earth. What would they want to do with my neck?

Did I mention that I did not date in high school? My parents were successful at scaring me off boys.

Fast forward to college and I met a guy in my English class that I really liked and he asked me to go for a drive one night. He took me to the airport. To watch planes.

He had gone to school for aviation and he knew of this road where you can sit in your car and watch the planes take off and land. I eagerly said yes.

We sat in the car, late in the evening, watching the planes come and go and we talked. And, talked some more. We talked so much that the windows were foggy and steamy. But we just kept talking for what seemed like hours. Then there was a knock on the window and we saw a policeman press against the glass with a flash light.

We really were just talking and it was then I realized that my parents gave me the best advice. People lie to protect the ones they love and sometimes watching planes really means watching planes.

What advice did your parents give you that sticks with you?

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