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@NataliesOJ - The Best Juice You Never Heard Of! Plus a #sponsored giveaway.

~ I have only been provided the products listed to facilitate this review.  All opinions are 100% my own ~ 

I am not a big juice drinker. For one, most juice drinks tend to give me an upset stomach. Secondly, I just don’t like the taste. Most juices are way too sweet for my liking. My favorite juice is grapefruit but, the whole upset stomach thing ruins it for me. My family on the other hand l-o-v-e-s juice especially the Husband. The Husband drinks juice for meals the way I have wine with dinner or coffee as breakfast.

When the folks of Natalie’s Orchard Island Juice Company contacted me about reviewing their juice I said yes because it was free juice and my family would be ecstatic and because they were giving me some to give away. I was also dreading it a little since I am not a fan of juice. How can I give an honest opinion when I don’t like something to begin with? But, one sip of their Strawberry Lemonade and I could not wait to try the rest.

They had not just sent orange juice but four other flavors of juices plus their fresh lemon juice and lime juice as well. I had no idea they had so many kinds. I thought it was just OJ. I was not home when the box arrived and since it said perishable on it the Husband open it and called me to tell me he put it away and he and baby girl may have drink a few bottles. He also told me that there might not be any more when I got home because they like it so much.

Thankfully the husband and the kids did not drink all of the juice and even better no one likes grapefruit juice! I got to try all of the juices and I am happy to report that the acid in the juices did not upset my stomach and it tasted fantastic.

The Grapefruit was tart without being sour and you could taste the freshness of the strawberries in the Strawberry Lemonade. I didn’t get to try the Orange Juice but baby girl said it was yummy. I did have the Honey Tangerine and it was truly very good. It was so good I said a little prayer when I tried to find it in a store near me. Sadly it’s not. I did send an open tweet to my local grocery stores in the hopes that they will start carrying it tomorrow – fingers crossed.

We are not the only ones who like this fantastic juice. It has been featured in some real tough taste tests by Good Housekeeping, Real Simple, bon appétit and Serious Eats. Most recently, Natalie’s Orchid Island Juice Company was Voted “Tastes Like Fresh” by Woman’s Day (March 2013).

Besides the great taste, a certified “Product of the USA” and never having any “secret” preservatives or additives there is no sugar in the juices and only organic cane sugar in the lemonades. It really is nothing but great tasting fruit juice.

Ready for the awesomeness of Natalie’s Orchid Island Juice?

It is now your chance to win twelve coupons good for free juice plus a great t-shirt to show off what will be your new found love of fresh tasting juice. You may have thought you like juice before but trust me, this will be l-o-v-e.

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