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What Your Mom Never Told You About Rice Krispies Treats

When my kids want to learn a few new swear words they ask me to make Rice Krispies treats.  I absolutely hate making them.  I am not really a fan of eating them either but damn if those kids aren't so darn cute.

There is a misconception that these sickly sweet treats are easy because there are only three ingredients (marshmallows, butter and rice krispies) but they fail to tell you how freaking' hard it is to work with them because they are so sticky.  Melted marshmallow people!  Not the most friendly of foods to work with when you have little patience.

Yes, I should have realized this but damn pinterest only shows you the end product when I thought it would be fun to make these last Valentines' Day.

How cute would a rice krispies heart on a stick look!  I ended up cutting them into bars and dipping one half of it in the chocolate.  Why one half?  It was just easier to dry them that way.

Last week, I made rice krispies for a potluck at work because they are a favorite of the person that was being honored in said potluck.  I had to be quick since I had just come from a dentist appointment and still had to go back to work.  I had nothing for this potluck!

I kept remembering that stupid commercial with the mom, reading a book and a stack of awesome treats in front of her.  Could these things really be that hard?  Was a year enough time to put it behind me?  I can make lobster thermidor - from scratch, how can these things be so tough for me?

I made them and it wasn't as bad as it was last February and low and behold they now have gluten free! No, I am not and no this isn't a plug for them however so many people I know are gluten free and there are so many allergies at school these days I feel like this is a big score for the wanna be room mom!

So I thought I would make them for C-man's class.  He is star of the week after all and I could make them into star shapes (because the heart shapes were a win?)!

I had to send the kids out of the room.  As soon as one of the kids put a big toe in the kitchen while I was mixing the damn cereal in the bowl with the gooey marshmallow mess and the rice krispies started spilling out my blood pressure went up and I seethed, through clenched teeth, "leave me be" and "no, you can't help!"

Baby girl is at that stage where she not only has to do everything herself but also has to help with everything in the kitchen.  She left sniffling to be with her dad and C-man just rolled his eyes and laughed.

If I was a better mom I'd let her help but maybe I am being a better mom by not letting her see me lose it over a stupid class treat.

The end product, all 32 of them turned out great and the kids were happy to have a treat at school. This was a pintrest win, finally, but I will not be doing this again or at least not till Valentine's Day.

Do you remember this commercial?

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