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Week 2 @BloggerIdol Play-at-Home: My Day, His Way

Walk a mile in my shoes took a whole new meaning in the land of Blogger Idol this week and if you plan on playing along here is the prompt:
Write about a day in the life of you. But it wouldn't be Blogger Idol without a twist. You have to write about your day, as if you were the opposite sex! There is no word limit, but make sure to include at least one image.
I thought and thought about this and then thought some more on how I would write this if I was a contestant and thank the stars I am not because this is the week I would be sent home.

I find this assignment even funnier considering the latest study on things that don’t matter:
According to a recent Norwegian study, the divorce rate among couples who share household chores was about 50 percent higher than for those in which the woman takes care of the housework. (Huffington Post)

Yep, pick a side ladies ‘cause you may have to do it a life time if you want that whole till death do we part.  We don't divide chores in our house so I think we will be okay. 

In the spirit of supporting Blogger Idol and since I am not judging this week, I am going to attempt this prompt. Thank goodness there is no word count.

This is what I imagine how my Husband would think if he did my day….





LaydownwithbabyfornighttimenurseandwatchsomethingfordvrsilentlyprayingshefallsasleepsoIcanwritethethreeblogpoststhathavetobewrittenandcouldbedoneifIdidnotlosemyipod… Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Looking at it, it seems my day could be done in a few minutes if it wasn’t for the actually living life part. And, to be fair, I would not change any of it. Unless, we miraculously won the lottery and I could cut out most of the middle part with the job and all. While we are at it, I actually feel this is how I think and not how the Husband thinks.

If you do the prompt be sure to link up and let me know (preferably here, in the comments, so I don't have to guess)! I read almost all of the posts last week and there were some really wonderful bloggers. I tried to comment on most but I can't read captcha so I don't comment, but I tweet. I highly recommend going back to read last week’s play along. I feel like I phoned my post in compared to the ones that played along!

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