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My Top 5 Back to School Tips

I am not looking forward to second grade.  The work will be harder.  The pressure will increase and did I mention there is First Communion?  So much to do but first, getting through the first week.  My first born starts school on Wednesday and emotionally, I am not ready.  To be honest, I know he is not either but at least we will be prepared.

Top 5 Back to School Tips

my iPod is MIA so I write my posts down now and I must say I am loving my new Pilot G2 pens

Don't let them see you sweat.

Sure, I am freaked out but I don't think he knows.  We are having a last farewell to summer at the beach and then school supply shopping.  Regardless of my sadness that summer is ending and my son is growing up, he doesn't have to know.

Go to the orientation

You know the one.  The PTA or PTO puts it on and you get to meet the teachers early, then everyone eats Popsicles; pretending to be nice to everyone else.  Or maybe that is just in my area?  Either way - sure it seems like a drag but you get to see his classroom, so, bring the kid's supplies in so he won't have to lug in the next day.

Invest in good gym shoes

Call them what you will.  Shoes, tennis shoes, sneakers, kicks...  get a good pair.  Personally, I love sketchers.  Why you ask?  Because, they are well made and no I am not getting anything for saying that, I really buy them, faithfully, every year.

Buy extra of everything

At some point in the school year there will be a not that says, your child may need more of something.  Be prepared.  The Frugalette has a great guide that is worth checking out: Back to School Supplies Printable Stock Up Prices.  Basically, she tells you what is worth stocking up on like when crayons are $.25 a pack and when you should just get one or two.

A few weeks ago I got to visit a BJs and, boy, do they know how to save some money!  Buying in bulk is certainly the way to go.  One of the best things about buying at BJs is that they do not cater to businesses but to homes.  You will not get one gigantic tub o' peanut butter but two reasonably sized jars packaged together for a great deal!

Wait to buy school clothes

I know, this goes against everything you were brought up to believe but, who actually wears their new clothes the first week?  Here in Ohio, C-man will be wearing shorts and a t-shirt since it will be 79 degrees on Wednesday.  I prefer to wait and then hit up the sales.  As it happens, I will be going to Lodi Station Outlets to do school clothes shopping the weekend after school starts.  I was not a fan of outlets until I was introduced to Lodi Station.

What tips do you have for the back to school crowd?

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