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Back to School Spree Week Featuring @PilotPenUSA #B2SSpree

Back to School Spree Week Featuring @PilotPenUSA #B2SSpree

I was given a set of pens for this review from Pilot but have not received any other compensation. My opinions are all my own, 100% and I never write about anything I don't like.

Do you remember those sorry pens that claimed to erase pen ink but all it really did was leave blue (or black) streaks on the paper or worse, gaping holes?  I coveted an erasable pen in school, until I had one and realized they did not live up to the hype.  That is until Pilot came up with the FriXion Erasable Gel Pen. 

It's a pen that really erases!  It writes like a dream, gliding over my paper and if I make a mistake, erases!  The FriXion pen is made with a thermo-sensitive gel ink formula which disappears with erasing friction and comes in eight great colors.  Besides, pens, this amazing technology is also available in a highlighter! 

I can keep typing this post about pens but it would be better to show you...

quote from my new twitter crush @rgleeson

There you have it!  The best erasable pen out there at a reasonable price!  Perfect for back to school, shopping lists and bloggers. And, you will get your chance to win one 3-pack of FriXion (colors include purple, pink & orange) and one 5-pack of FriXion highlighters (colors include yellow, pink, orange, blue, green) in the Back to School Spree that starts this Friday!


What will you write with your pen?

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