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@BuyCostumes' Spider-man Makes the Comic Book Come to Life

When Spider-man came out a few weeks ago, The Husband took Goofy to see the movie and when he came home he declared, "I want to be Spider-man."   As luck would happen,  I was given a costume to review and The Husband wanted to do his first review.


I guess I should start this post by saying, “I AM A HUGE COMICS FAN.” That’s why when my son wanted to be Spider-man and I notice my wife posting about, "The Amazing Spider-Man Classic Muscle Chest" costume, I was so envious that I took over her blog to write and add my own photos of my 6 year old fighting crime.

This costume makes my 6 year old self, as green as Goblin with envy but I can't call it a costume anymore. It is a suit. First of all, it comes with a full face cowl, so much better than the old Spider-Man "COSTUME" with the paper mask I had when I was a kid. And, instead of the plastic garbage bag like body suit you get a full spandex torso.... with muscles. Don’t forget the gloves and leggings you can order separately. It really sets this Spidey suit apart from all the rest.

Below are a few photos of my crime fighter on his tour of New York City. Last year, my wife and I bought the Super Girl Costume for our daughter from BuyCostumes.com. She still wears it. These costumes are perfect for your true believer.


I was really impressed with how well both costumes are made and how reasonable the prices are on BuyCostumes.com.  They are made not just for Halloween but to be worn and played in and boy do they love to pretend to save the world one play date at a time.  Buy the costume here, follow them on Twitter and like them on Facebook.

Fine Print
We were given the Spider-man costume and gloves to review.  The boot covers and baby girl's costume were purchased separately.  We did not receive any compensation for this review and all opinions are 100% ours.
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