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Ordinary Office Romance

When you see them talking in the hallway you may think that you are watching a secret rendezvous, maybe an elicit affair, a glimpse into something special.

They do appear to have a secret but the truth is - it is only a secret to them. Their friends know the truth but others see and others gossip, but it is just gossip.  They think that they are just two ordinary people, stopping to talk to each other in an ordinary hallway, in an ordinary office. However, they are far from ordinary and maybe they are even fated to be together.

It is funny how fate whispers when it really needs to be shouting.

Our ordinary couple consciously stands a little closer then necessary when they chat.  They tend to speak softly to one another so the other must lean a little closer to hear. If you looked hard enough, you would swear you could see the spark form between them as they chat about nothing in particular.

If only they could see it.

Oh, how badly one wants to reach out and touch the other, but won't. How they plot and plan for their paths to cross and make up absurd reasons to see one another but they just don’t see that the feelings are mutual.  They only hope that they are, too scared to find out.

Those close to them see but keep their thoughts to themselves.

“It’s just gossip,” their friends say behind their backs, “What if it did not work out? Maybe they are better off as friends.”

They tend to have lunch at the same time, get coffee from the same shop and even leave the building together, but always separate. It is as if the other is waiting to make a move but keep missing that moment.

Maybe fate is not ready to show them the way.   Could it be that the moment has past?

You can see they have been alone to long. He goes from bar to bar, leaving with the pretty, young bartender knowing that he will never return to that bar again nor the bartender. She is passing time looking across the table from the man who will never marry her.

If only fate would intervene. 

Write On Edge: Red-Writing-HoodThis week's challenge - to try a piece using one of the writing tools you’d like to polish a bit. Some examples we talked about in our twitter chat were writing from a different point of view, engaging our characters in conflict, or improving descriptive writing.

There were no subject restrictions, but a photo was provided in case you needed a little push. 400 words.

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